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Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery’s Global Business Conference Ushers in a New Chapter for Agricultural Machinery Development

CHANGSHA, China, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (“Zoomlion”, 1157.HK) held the 2024 Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery Global Business Conference in Changsha, November 28-29. The event attracted nearly 1,000 dealers, including more than 140 international representatives from over 20 countries.

Representatives from international agents taking a close look at Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery’s products
Representatives from international agents taking a close look at Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery’s products

During the conference, the participating dealers had the opportunity to closely examine Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery’s collection of advanced equipment – 51 models spanning 12 categories. The product lineup covered the entire agricultural process, from plowing and planting to harvesting, straw processing, and drying. The innovative nature and advanced technology of these offerings garnered high praise from the visitors.

“Zoomlion is poised to create a new paradigm in technology, product development, team building, and market expansion,” said Zhan Chunxin, Chairman and CEO of Zoomlion. “We are committed to fully leveraging the power of internet-based thinking to innovate unconventional development models. Our goal is to establish a world-class agricultural machinery and equipment hub.”

In the realm of technology and product innovation, Zoomlion, leveraged resources from construction machinery, and developed key product lines in agricultural machinery, including tractors and rice and corn equipment. Technologies such as renewable energy, digitalization, and AI from its construction machinery segment now has been transferred to its agricultural machinery. This approach has led to a range of high-end, intelligent, and eco-friendly products, addressing industry needs. Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery covers 15 major categories, encompassing the full agricultural cycle.

In terms of production capacity, quality, marketing, and services, Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery Division has assembled a dedicated team of over 2,000 experts, specializing in R&D, sales, and services. By working in concert with its agents and dealers, the firm has built an extensive sales and service network that spans China and over 70 countries and regions worldwide.

The company’s innovative overseas business model focuses on end-to-end solutions and digital integration, contributing to a year-on-year overseas revenue increase of over 100% by November. This growth has made Zoomlion China’s top agricultural machinery exporter for three consecutive years.

“I started to partner with Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery in 2021. At present, their tractors, which range from 90 to 230 horsepower, command about 35% of Kazakhstan’s market share, leading the industry,” Aslan, a Kazakhstani dealership branch manager, explained. “Our visit to Zoomlion’s headquarters has deepened our understanding and confidence in our future partnership.”

After more than 30 years of relentless innovation and growth, Zoomlion Heavy Industry has diversified into construction machinery, smart agricultural machinery, and innovative construction materials. The company has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art construction machinery manufacturing hub.

“Having been involved in the agricultural machinery sector for nearly a decade, we have a profound affection for agriculture. We experienced the ups and downs of the market, however, the commitment to the development of agricultural machinery remains unchanged,” said Zoomlion CEO Mr. Zhan. “The company is dedicated to driving the agricultural machinery industry toward an era of high-end, intelligent and eco-friendly growth,” added Zhan.