Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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AAC, a Leader in Sensory Experiences, Unveils Latest Sensory and Interactive Innovations in the Digital World at CES 2024

SHANGHAI, Jan. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AAC, a leading provider of sensory experience solutions, announced today its participation in CES 2024, the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology show. Visitors will get to experience a whole new digital world with the latest sensory and interactive innovations brought by AAC. These experiences cover everything that can be seen, heard or felt in the digital world. AAC is set to reveal cutting-edge advancements in its all-encompassing solution across seven key sectors: intelligent vehicles, acoustics, haptics, XR, optics, precision manufacturing, and sensor and semiconductor. Get ready for a firsthand look at AAC’s latest tech breakthroughs!

AAC is committed to developing excellent sensory technologies and products that deliver enjoyable experiences for everyone. Throughout its 30-year history, AAC has been forging innovations to ensure that more and more people enjoy extraordinary sensory experiences. With 18 R&D centers across the globe and over 14,000 patent applications, AAC stands at the forefront of innovative sensory solutions. It excels in acoustics, optics, haptics, sensors and semiconductors, and precision manufacturing, showcasing strong overall competitiveness.

In the acoustics and haptics world, AAC maintains an unparalleled industry standing. Focusing on the miniaturization of Hi-Fi technology, AAC provides Opera, a coaxial speaker designed for smartphones, along with the related algorithms. This speaker aims to improve the audio experience on mobile devices, delivering superior sound quality. The Company delivers an exceptional acoustic solution for foldable phones, ensuring optimal stereo sound whether the phone is folded or unfolded. And guess what? This technology even prevents sound leakage during phone calls! It has been successfully incorporated into mass production for the OPPO Find N3. Additionally, AAC offers a combo solution that integrates acoustic and haptic technologies. This innovative solution combines master-level acoustic technology with X-axis linear actuators, providing more affordable and standardized high-quality products. This means that a broader consumer base can enjoy flagship-level haptic and auditory experiences. The combo solution has already been implemented in mass production for the Redmi Note 13 Pro+. AAC’s Turbo, an advanced biomimetic haptic actuator that takes the haptic experience of smartphones to a whole new level, has also been seamlessly integrated into the mass production of the OnePlus 12. Furthermore, AAC offers RichTap®, an integrated hardware and software haptics solution that is increasingly used in smartphones. Beyond smartphones, AAC has launched haptic solutions designed for gaming controllers and handhelds.

In the realm of intelligent vehicles, AAC focuses on five essential modules to meet automotive needs. These modules include an acoustic system, a haptic system, an image capture system, a MEMS sensing and interaction system, and a motor actuator system. The Company has rolled out an integrated sensing and interaction solution tailored for smart cockpits and intelligent driving, addressing the specific needs of the industry. Moreover, AAC and NETA Auto have collaboratively engineered an advanced smart audio system, which is used in the mass production of the Neta S model. This customized audio system features a 7.1.4-channel configuration with 21 speakers, delivering an immersive 720° surround sound experience. Passengers can indulge in a captivating stereo sound environment. AAC has successfully secured multiple designated projects with traditional automakers, smart electric vehicle brands, and global mid-range and high-end automotive brands. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of some of these projects—there’s more to come!

In the XR field, AAC offers high-quality 3P VR Pancake optomechanical modules and cost-effective 2P VR Pancake optomechanical modules. It has also developed an AR optical waveguide lens in collaboration with Dispelix, a fabless manufacturer of waveguides. Additionally, the Company provides premium products and technical solutions, such as free-form lenses and DLP projectors. AAC’s dedicated linear speakers for AR are extensively used in the latest AR glasses products from Rokid, XREAL, and FFALCON, demonstrating their great commercial value in mass production.

In the optics sector, AAC Optics, a subsidiary of AAC, focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of optical elements, including lenses, lens assemblies, and modules. AAC Optics has solidified its position as an industry frontrunner with its self-developed WLG hybrid lenses. These lenses excel in crucial parameters, including refractive index, dispersion, reliability, and thermal stability. They have been commercially mass produced in a diverse range of products, such as Xiaomi’s Civi3 and MIX Fold3, as well as Transsion’s TECNO CAMON 20 Premier. What’s even more impressive is that lenses with six or more plastic elements have also been successfully commercialized on a large scale.

In the realm of precision manufacturing, AAC has amassed years of expertise and technological prowess, particularly in mechanics for consumer electronics, cooling, hinges for foldable phones, antennas, and wireless charging. AAC stands out as one of the top companies in the industry in these specific areas. The recently launched Xiaomi 13 Ultra features the groundbreaking LHP VC cooling technology. As the exclusive supplier, AAC played a pivotal role in the development of this technology and provided essential support for its application. This technology is three times more effective than the industry’s traditional vapor chamber in heat dissipation.

AAC entered the sensor and semiconductor sector in 2003 with the introduction of MEMS microphone products. Thanks to years of technical expertise, the Company now masters the essential skills needed for the entire process, from chip design to packaging and testing. AAC is making steady progress in high-end microphones, MEMS speakers, MEMS inertial measurements, and RF front-end devices. Its microphone & barometer combo, along with its MEMS speakers, are housed in an ultra-small package with ultra-high performance specifications. These cutting-edge products are now widely used across diverse sectors.

AAC is dedicated to creating a better sensory experience for global consumers by providing an integrated end-to-end solution across the seven key sectors. Looking ahead, AAC will remain committed to leading the way in the industry, making everything in the digital world feel, look, and sound more realistic and immersive.