Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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ACEMAGIC Announces Exclusive System Update for ACEMAGIC Mini PC Owners

NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ACEMAGIC, a leading manufacturer of powerful mini PCs, announced today an exclusive system update tailored specifically for owners of ACEMAGIC mini PCs. This proactive measure is in response to rare instances where certain devices were affected by an unintended default setting related to web search functionality.

As part of its continued dedication to exceptional customer service and product excellence, ACEMAGIC has undertaken extensive efforts to provide a solution for affected units. The system update directly addresses search functionality, ensuring a seamless and optimal user experience for ACEMAGIC mini PC owners. The affected models are S1 Windows11 Pro 22H2, AD08 12900H Windows11 Pro 22H2, and AK1 Plus RGB Windows 11 Pro.

To further demonstrate its commitment to customer satisfaction, ACEMAGIC is offering a $60 discount code on its website to all customers, the discount can be applied to any ACEMAGIC product.

“We deeply value the trust and satisfaction of our customers,” stated Kevin Dou, CEO of ACEMAGIC. “As soon as we became aware of this issue, we took immediate action to develop a tailored solution that reflects our commitment to delivering superior products and addressing any concerns our valued customers may have.”

The issue affecting web search stemmed from ACEMAGIC’s previous supplier of bulk installation systems. The supplier independently added pre-installed software without ACEMAGIC’s explicit authorization. In response, ACEMAGIC has severed ties with this supplier and has transitioned to a new partner, ensuring strict adherence to transparency and user-centric values.

ACEMAGIC has made the exclusive system update easily accessible through its official website, providing clear instructions for ACEMAGIC mini PC owners to initiate the download and installation process. Additionally, dedicated customer support is available to assist with any inquiries or guidance related to the system update.

To access system updates, ACEMAGIC mini PC owners are encouraged to visit: https://www.acemagic.com/pages/addressing-concerns-and-offering-solutions-for-acemagic-mini-pcs


ACEMAGIC is a computer and electronics manufacturer that specializes in mini PCs, offering powerful computing solutions in a compact form factor. Committed to innovation, sustainability, and empowering users, ACEMAGIC mini PCs are designed to unleash maximum computing power while reducing environmental impact. With a diverse range of models catering to various specifications and needs, ACEMAGIC mini PCs are sold in over 40 countries, emphasizing portability and cutting-edge technology.

ACEMAGIC mini PCs are known for their small size, powerful performance, and ease of installation.

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