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An Overseas New Product Featuring ALPD 5.0 Presented by Appotronics was Honored with the CES Innovation Award

Going out by Virtue of Innovation

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (“CES 2024”), the most influential consumer electronic exhibition in the world, was held in Las Vegas, USA. During this exhibition, Appotronics (688007.SH) showcased its optical engines featuring ALPD 5.0 super panchromatic laser technology on site.

According to on-site personnel from Appotronics, ALPD 5.0 ingeniously combined six light sources to profit from one another, contributing to super panchromatic laser technology capable of comprehensively enhancing brightness, color, color gamut, color accuracy and comfort.

A New Projection Product Featuring ALPD 5.0 Honored with the CES Innovation Award

It is worth noting that the TriVision Ultra 4K Smart Projector produced by Nexight Inc, a new projection product featuring ALPD 5.0 technology, has been honored with the “Innovation Award for Computer Peripherals and Accessories” at CES 2024.

The TriVision Ultra is a cutting-edge, portable 4K smart projector with a low latency of 4ms the ultimate projection experience. This innovation combines the advantages of tri-color LED brightness and tri-color lasers, resulting in enhanced brightness, wide color gamut, and precise color accuracy to provide users with an unparalleled viewing experience.

TriVision Ultra 4K Smart Projector has been honored with the "Innovation Award for Computer Peripherals and Accessories" at CES 2024
TriVision Ultra 4K Smart Projector has been honored with the “Innovation Award for Computer Peripherals and Accessories” at CES 2024

According to the on-site personnel, “The success of ALPD 5.0 lies in the biomimetic natural light, which is generated through the fusion of light sources. In addition to LED, ALPD 5.0 retains the color advantages given by the wavelength accuracy of pure lasers, surpassing the display effects of products using only LEDs or pure lasers. This light is featured as an incoherent light with continuous, natural and comfortable spectrum.”

Appotronics Firmly Committed to Technological Innovation

In recent years, Appotronics has achieved robust development by continuously strengthening its integration of core technology and core components under a strategic layout in various application scenarios. Regarding the core components acting as its main business, Appotronics persists in market orientation and leverages its technological advantages to seize market opportunities accurately, demonstrating a promising development trend.

Currently, Appotronics can achieve mass production of 25 core optical engine products, widely covering a full range of consumer products for home use. Simultaneously, the company maintains consistent investment in technological research and development, continuously introducing innovative products to bring fresh impetus into the market.

Core Components for Global Customers

Appotronics, whose core businesses span core components, customized machines and other fields, is continuously expanding its overseas market in today’s globalized landscape. It is dedicated to providing diverse solutions in light machines, screens, and customized complete machines for global consumers, contributing to the healthy development of the projection market.

According to Appotronics, it will continue to explore overseas business in 2024 while stabilizing the Chinese market. To achieve this goal, Appotronics will construct a multi-level customer ecosystem with a focus on overseas product demands to enhance brand influence.