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BaiJiaYun released the new generation knowledge delivery tool “DuanXunBao”

BEIJING, Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In order to serve independent entrepreneurs, BaiJiaYun has released the new generation knowledge delivery tool “DuanXunBao”, providing services such as personal IP monetization and knowledge-based payments.

With the development of economy and technology, a large number of new business models and patterns have emerged in recent years. In today’s “knowledge-intensive, intellect-intensive” society, continuous learning has become an essential part of solving survival problems and achieving personal development for working professionals. Knowledge-based payments, short-term skill courses, and online training camps have gradually become important means to enhance personal value. At the same time, new production and collaboration relationships have been fostered. The cloud economy, online education, and co-working have brought new developmental opportunities to young people. Consequently, there has been a surge in the number of people seeking side hustles and embarking on individual entrepreneurial journeys.

Targeting this societal demand, on January 30th, the U.S. stock exchange-listed company BaiJiaYun (stock code: RTC) officially announced the launch of the new generation knowledge delivery tool “DuanXunBao”. According to the official introduction, as a lightweight yet fully-featured knowledge delivery tool, DuanXunBao can solve the challenges of knowledge monetization for content creators in a one-stop manner, while also meeting the needs of various scenarios such as online teaching, enrollment marketing, and student management.

BaiJiaYun’s CEO, Ma Yi, stated that the company started with educational live streaming and has a decade of service experience in the online teaching interaction scene. During this period, the company also helped many clients seize various industry opportunities in private domain management and live streaming. As a new generation knowledge delivery tool, “DuanXunBao” addresses the pain points of freelance entrepreneurship, personal IP monetization, and knowledge-based payments, making the management of education more efficient and simpler. Ma Yi hopes that this product will enhance operational efficiency for more clients and allow more people to enjoy the new experiences and values of knowledge consumption.

Creating New Products and New Scenarios: 
DuanXunBao Makes Knowledge Delivery More Efficient

DuanXunBao is primarily based on the training camp (short-term series courses) model. It not only helps clients build a knowledge payment platform with one click, achieving high-quality online class delivery in forms of live streaming and on-demand videos but also assists knowledge monetizers in comprehensive operational management. It achieves better results in scenarios such as user acquisition, online course launching, marketing conversion, commercial monetization, and brand promotion.

Compared to traditional marketing tools, DuanXunBao provides knowledge monetizers with better and more professional teaching scenarios and service systems. Unlike traditional classroom systems, DuanXunBao significantly improves the conversion rate in private domains and the transaction rate of products. It has developed more unique features in areas such as supervision, companionship, and marketing.

Based on a deep understanding of the needs in the knowledge monetization scene and product strength, DuanXunBao has already revealed six industry-pain-point-targeting features and won recognition from several leading clients. These distinctive features include: quickly distinguishing which employee a user in the live broadcast room belongs to; enabling one-click reminders for users who haven’t entered the live broadcast room; automatically tagging key behaviors of users in the live broadcast room; swiftly identifying prospective students; real-time refresh of statistical data in the live broadcast room; and creating exclusive live broadcast rooms for sales and teaching assistants, as well as generating unique live broadcast invitation links for sharers.

Additionally, DuanXunBao offers integrated functionalities such as selling products, group buying, distributing coupons, conducting surveys, hosting lotteries, and providing practice exercises within the live broadcast room. This showcases BaiJiaYun’s strong capabilities and innovative strength in the areas of classroom delivery, live broadcasting, and sales management of the SCRM (Social Customer Relationship Management) system.

Every good “tool” reinvigorates knowledge with new life. As a new generation knowledge delivery tool, BaiJiaYun’s “DuanXunBao” is committed to continually exploring new industry application scenarios and innovative approaches. It aims to facilitate knowledge monetization, accelerate various course live broadcasts, and employ novel marketing strategies to rejuvenate the industry’s ecosystem and enhance its intelligent capabilities.

Continuously Leading the Industry, 
BaiJiaYun Supports Digital Business Innovation

According to the iResearch “2023 China Knowledge Payment Industry Research Report”, the number of knowledge payment users in China reached 477 million in 2021, and it’s projected that by 2025, the number of knowledge payment users will exceed 640 million, with the market size reaching 280.88 billion yuan. With the continued growth of the knowledge payment industry, an increasing number of content creators are embarking on individual entrepreneurial journeys.

BaiJiaYun’s CEO Ma Yi comments that there is substantial growth potential for high-quality, diversified knowledge consumption demand. In his view, knowledge payment, content entrepreneurship, online education, and online training camps are all integral parts of the knowledge economy and internet services. These are not temporary trends but are expected to have a long-term presence. The products reflect user needs, and the delivery of knowledge products should also evolve with time.

Since the beginning of this year, BaiJiaYun has significantly accelerated the launch of products that integrate new technologies. Focusing on the demand for online, intelligent, and cloud-based services, BaiJiaYun has not only introduced “ShichangYi”, a vertical industry model tailored for market publicity and public opinion monitoring, but has also successfully released a one-stop AIGC (AI-Generated Content) scenario-based platform, “Baiwen Damoxing”. This platform assists businesses in effectively implementing applications like “AI Kefu”, “Gongwenxiezuo”, “Geren AI Zhuli”, “Shuziren Hudongzhibo”, and “Yingxiaowenanfuzhu”.

The essence of business lies in the transfer of value. The launch of DuanXunBao represents not only BaiJiaYun’s continuous expansion of its boundaries and the extension of its diversified SaaS product matrix in live and on-demand broadcasting, SCRM, etc., but also signals BaiJiaYun’s active strategy in the knowledge consumption sector and its ambition to become a key player in this field in the new era. BaiJiaYun adheres to a customer-centric approach, actively addressing market pain points, indicating a strong potential for the company to progress further and faster in the future.

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