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Baseus Invites Consumers to Come See and Be Part of an Exciting Technological Revolution at the CES 2024 Event in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Baseus Technology, a leading global consumer electronics brand, is inviting consumers to join them at the CES 2024 event in Las Vegas where they will be unveiling a range of advanced and innovative Baseus technologies that will transform and rejuvenate the tech landscape. Some of the cutting-edge products on display will include:

Baseus CES
Baseus CES

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Open-Ear True Wireless Earphones

These versatile earphones feature a unique open-ear design with a comfortable, water-resistant silicone finish and flexible ear hooks for a snug fit that adapts to your busy lifestyle. The innovative deep bass boost algorithm, low latency, and cutting-edge 16.2mm ultra-large audio driver give users better performance, seamless connectivity, and brilliant audio clarity. The Eli Sport 1 earphones also use advanced Baseus Rapid Charge technology to ensure an extended battery life and faster charging capabilities to give you sound excellence that lasts. Embrace unparalleled audio innovation with these remarkable earphones from Baseus.

Baseus Spacemate Series 11-Port USB-C Dock

The Baseus Spacemate 11-Port USB-C Dock provides high-grade, magnetic, and adaptable docking for any situation. The sleek docking station ensures superior 10gps simultaneous transfer speeds and 100W USB-C fast charging. As a one-stop solution, the Spacemate Dock features 2 x 4K60Hz HDMI ports for seamless clarity, visuals, and sound, 2 x 4K60Hz Display Ports for an advanced frame rate and resolution, and 4 x USB-C Data Transfer ports.

It also features an RJ45 connection for high-speed data transfers and a 3.5mm audio jack for wired headphones or microphones. Take casting to another level with Multi-Stream Transport for simultaneous output on up to 3 display screens with 4K resolution at 60Hz and a One-Click Screen-Off button that allows you to seamlessly switch screens and enter your private space at the tap of a button – whether you’re in a meeting or just using multiple screens at once.

Baseus Blade2 Ultra-thin Laptop Power Bank

The Baseus Blade2 Ultra-thin Laptop Power Bank is a remarkable companion with a slender 10 mm profile (7.3 mm at its thinnest) and weighing approximately 323g, making it 13% thinner than the MacBook Air 13″. Employing automotive-grade Silicon Carbon Anode Battery Technology, featuring an ultra-slim 5.5 mm battery cell with a proven 1500+ cycle life for enduring power reliability. With its APP Intelligent Control, gain real-time insights into your device’s charging status, while its 65W fast charging output supports a range of personal devices—laptops, cell phones, game consoles, headphones—compatible with various fast-charging protocols. Offering a robust 12000mAh battery capacity, dual C-Port Setup for simultaneous charging of two devices, and PD60W self-charging input, all supported by a modular internal structure using BDIP digital power technology for safer, real-time auto-detected charging, delivering a high-end appearance with meticulous multi-process polishing.

Baseus GaN5 Pro Desktop 240W Fast Charger

Baseus is also introducing the GaN5 Pro Desktop 240W Fast Charger, a powerhouse innovation designed to revolutionize your charging experience. With its Single-Port 240W Output, it ensures rapid and reliable charging for even the most power-hungry devices. Equipped with Baseus Digital Intelligent technology, this charger offers a cutting-edge solution for optimizing power delivery, ensuring compatibility, and safeguarding your gadgets. Its 5-Port 240W Output functionality enables simultaneous charging for multiple devices, accommodating diverse charging needs seamlessly.

The impressive 140W Large power capacity ensures that your devices charge swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, the Baseus Cooling Technology incorporated into this charger prevents overheating, ensuring consistent and safe performance during prolonged usage. Additionally, the convenience of Baseus APP Control grants you the flexibility to monitor and control your charging preferences directly from your smartphone, offering a personalized and intuitive charging experience. Experience the epitome of charging efficiency and technological advancement with the Baseus Digital GaN Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger.

Baseus Security Camera Series

Enhanced security is essential for any modern home. This is why Baseus is also launching its first Security Camera series in May 2024. The Baseus security camera boasts expandable local storage of up to 16TB via a portable hard drive, safeguarding data from cyber-attacks, and ensures lasting power with enhanced battery life. Its advanced solar panel, tracking sunlight for continuous power, allows operation without external sources, eliminating frequent battery changes.

Capture detailed 3K videos, ultra-clear night vision, and 145° wide-angle views spanning 26ft, while reducing carbon footprint with AI-powered solar panels for extended battery life. The user-friendly Baseus app offers real-time control, customizable features, and simplified visual management, complementing the camera’s effortless installation design.

Baseus is devoted to crafting technology that makes life easier through the use of intelligent engineering and creativity. Come and witness a new era in technological innovation from Baseus at the CES 2024 event in Las Vegas from the 9(th) of January to the 12(th).

Baseus Booth
Level 2, Hall A-D
Booth No. 51371
Address & Time: January 9-12, 2024
The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, US

About Baseus

Baseus is a leading consumer electronics brand founded in 2011. The company believes in “Simple for More” – which means creating seamlessly practical and aesthetic products that go the extra mile for the younger tech enthusiast generation. Baseus offers a wide range of products, including Portable Chargers, Desktop Chargers, Wall Chargers, Wireless Earbuds, and Docking Stations. Join the Baseus family today to see a new world of technological innovation.

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