Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Beken Releases BK7258 Low-Power Audio and Video Solution

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Beken Corporation (SSE: 603068.SH) has officially launched the BK7258 low-power audio and video solution. BK7258 is a highly integrated audio and video Wi-Fi SoC chip. This solution is widely used in AIoT applications such as smart locks, low-power doorbells/IPCs, control panels, action cameras, large and small home appliances.

The BK7258 low-power audio and video solution offers the following distinguished advantages:

  • Image Processing: Supports JPEG Codec, rotation, scaling, and other image processing functions, significantly enhancing display quality and frame rate;
  • Image Transmission: Supports the function of H.264, ensuring high-definition and smooth video transmission;
  • Human-Machine Interaction: Supports LVGL graphics library, offline and online voice recognition, and facial recognition;
  • Security Features: Meets PSA Level 2 security standards, fulfilling the safety requirements of various IoT products;
  • Low Power Consumption: Extremely low operational power consumption extends the battery life of door locks and improves user experience.

Beken provides an integrated solution SDK including device, cloud, and mobile APK, along with application sample projects, greatly shortening the product development and verification cycle for downstream customers. The solution has now passed internal acceptance testing, with several clients already importing designs, and is set to enter mass production for sale soon.

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