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Black Sesame Technologies, Together with JOYNEXT and Its Subsidiary NESINEXT, Highlight Cross-domain Fusion at CES 2024

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On January 9, 2024, Black Sesame Technologies, in collaboration with JOYNEXT, and its subsidiary NESINEXT, unveiled an array of innovative software solutions at CES 2024. Highlights included the nCCU (Central Computing Unit) built on its Wudang C1200 Series cross-domain computing chip for smart vehicles, alongside developments in AUTOSAR and functional domain technologies.

As vehicle intelligence advances, the industry’s electrical and electronic architecture is increasingly gravitating towards multi-domain fusion computing. This evolution is a response to the need to cater to complex scenarios while simultaneously reducing costs and optimizing energy consumption. At CES 2024, cross-domain fusion central computing solutions are emerging as a major attraction, reflecting the industry’s pivot towards more integrated and efficient computing frameworks.

In August 2021, Black Sesame Technologies and JOYNEXT signed a strategic cooperation agreement to develop and customize autonomous driving domain controllers and intelligent vehicle platform solutions. The goal is to create a new mobility experience ecosystem for the future. Through the collaboration, Black Sesame Technologies has seamlessly integrated its chip R&D capabilities with NESINEXT’s expertise in automotive foundational software, cockpit technologies, and engineering services.

In April 2023, Black Sesame Technologies debuted the Wudang C1200 Series, a revolutionary intelligent automotive cross-domain computing chip. This industry-first automotive-grade chip is outfitted with an Arm Cortex-A78AE high-performance CPU core and a Cortex-G78AE GPU core, renowned for their top-notch rendering capabilities. The C1200 Series chip is a game-changer, supporting multi-domain fusion and adaptable to various current and future automotive architectures. CCU products based on the C1200 Series chips can integrate high-speed NOA-level intelligent driving and parking functions, Android-based cockpit systems, high-security dashboard/CMS, and whole-vehicle data exchange on a single chip – a move that’s set to redefine cost efficiency for mainstream vehicle models.

Black Sesame Technologies has partnered with NESINEXT to expedite the mass production of central computing products capable of multi-domain fusion. Utilizing the C1200 series of cross-domain computing chips, NESINEXT has created a smart cockpit framework and smart driving AP/CP middleware for intelligent vehicles.

Since its establishment, Black Sesame Technologies has been a catalyst in empowering the future of driving. The company emphasizes the need for collaborative innovation and development from all players within the intelligent vehicle industry ecosystem. Black Sesame Technologies will continue to collaborate with JOYNEXT and its subsidiary NESINEXT to develop additional products that support multi-domain fusion capabilities. These efforts are expected to contribute significantly to technological innovation and the progression of automotive intelligence within the industry.

About Black Sesame Technologies

Black Sesame Technologies is a leading automotive-grade computing SoC and Soc-based intelligent vehicle solution provider. The company started with the Huashan Series high-computing power SoCs for autonomous driving and recently introduced the Wudang Series cross-domain SoCs to address more diverse and sophisticated demands for advanced functionalities of intelligent vehicles. Black Sesame Technologies’ proprietary automotive-grade products and technologies empower intelligent vehicles with mission-critical capabilities, such as autonomous driving, smart cockpit, advanced imaging and interconnection. The company offers full-stack autonomous driving capabilities to meet broad customer needs through SoCs and SoC-based solutions, powered by in-house developed IP cores, algorithms and support software.