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Celebrating Excellence: Bybit Institutional Presents Annual Institutional Awards

DUBAI, UAE, Jan. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Bybit, the world’s third largest crypto exchange by volume, is proud to present the 2023 Bybit Institutional Awards. This prestigious annual award aims to honor its institutional partners that have made significant contributions to Bybit over the past year. Bybit recognizes the crucial role played by its institutional partners in achieving its success and aims to highlight their dedication and expertise.

Celebrating Excellence: Bybit Institutional Presents Annual Institutional Awards
Celebrating Excellence: Bybit Institutional Presents Annual Institutional Awards

The 2023 Bybit Institutional Awards features several categories, each representing a specific area of excellence within the crypto industry:

2023 Bybit Best Derivatives Partner
2023 Bybit Best Spot Partner
2023 Bybit Best Options Partner
2023 Bybit Best Third-Party Partner
2023 Bybit Best Liquidity Provider

These esteemed awards serve as a testament to the exceptional dedication and expertise demonstrated by Bybit’s institutional partners. Bybit values its partnerships and acknowledges the pivotal role they play in achieving the vibrant, secure, and stable crypto industry that we see today. These awards also exemplify Bybit’s solid and industry-leading network, which encompasses prominent industry leaders in various areas, including trading tools, liquidity providers, third-party custodians and so on.

Eugene Cheung, Head of Institutional at Bybit, expressed his thoughts on the importance of establishing a trustworthy reputation and network within the crypto industry, “I would like to send my congratulations to this year’s deserving winner. Given the volatility of the crypto industry, it is crucial for players to build a trustworthy reputation and network to weather the industry’s ups and downs.”

Bybit’s commitment to recognizing its institutional partners through the Bybit Institutional Awards further solidifies the exchange’s dedication to fostering trust, stability, and growth within the crypto ecosystem.

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