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DEEPX Unveils ‘All-in-4 AI Total Solution’ at CES 2024: Four AI Chips Transforming On-Device AI Market

– All-in-4 AI Total Solution comprises four chips spanning various performance levels, each with different features and interfaces optimized for diverse edge applications.

– After demonstrating the originality of its technology with engineering products last year, DEEPX conducted pre-production verification for over 40 global companies through its EECP program this year.

– Slated to significantly impact the on-device AI market, DEEPX will begin mass production of the chips later this year, with full implementation in customers’ products in 2025.

LAS VEGAS and SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DEEPX (CEO, Lokwon Kim), an original AI chip technology company, is set to enter the global AI chip race at CES 2024 with its comprehensive All-in-4 AI Total Solution, consisting of four chips for on-device AI such as physical security systems, machine vision, smart mobility, robot platforms, and AI servers.

To experience how the All-in-4 AI Total Solution promises to revolutionize AI capabilities across industries, join DEEPX at Booth #8953, North Hall during CES 2024.

At DEEPX’s exclusive CES 2024 booth, the brand will simultaneously showcase how the four AI chips can be applied to various applications along with its DXNN® development environment, which can run all four chips using a single software framework — a capability of DEEPX that other global AI chip companies do not offer. Since its inception, this has been DEEPX’s strategy for addressing the fragmented on-device AI market, giving the brand an edge in providing customized solutions optimized for customers’ products and applications.

The All-in-4 AI Total Solution includes DX-V1, DX-V2, DX-M1, and DX-H1. Specializing in vision systems, DX-V1 and DX-V2 are standalone chips. DX-V1 is capable of processing the latest AI algorithms such as Yolov7 in a single camera, and DX-V2 is optimized for autonomous driving, robot vision, and other applications that require processing of 3D sensors outside of the camera. On a single chip, DX-M1 supports real-time AI computation processing of more than 30 frames per second (FPS) for 16 or more channels of multichannel video. For AI servers, DX-H1 is an AI inference-type solution that maximizes performance, power, and cost efficiency compared to general-purpose GPUs dedicated to AI inference.

DEEPX is running an Early Engagement Customer Program (EECP) to give customers early access to the DX-V1, a one-chip solution for smaller camera modules; the DX-M1, an AI accelerator solution for M.2 modules; and DXNN®, DEEPX’s unique developer environment. As it strives to democratize on-device AI, the brand is currently offering these solutions in the mass production pre-qualification stage — with more than 40 global customers trialing implementation into their products — and will enter mass production for availability later this year — fully embedded into customers’ products by 2025.

The All-in-4 AI Total Solution won the CES 2024 Innovation Award in the Embedded Technology category, recognizing the originality, innovation, and marketability of a technology that promises to lead the AI era. Furthermore, this achievement opens the door for South Korea to play a leading role in the global market by showcasing world-class innovations in system semiconductors, beyond memory semiconductors.

“From the very beginning, DEEPX declared that we would lead the global market by developing the world’s best AI chip source technology. To fulfill that goal, a small group of DEEPX members made great sacrifices and efforts to launch four AI chips at the same time and secure super-gap technology,” remarked Lokwon Kim, CEO of DEEPX. “All of our first-generation products received CES 2024 Innovation Awards, and we are preparing to open them to the global market via mass production. We are also planning new products that will open up new possibilities for various markets, as we strive to set global standards that are recognized on the worldwide market — both in technology and business.”


Founded in anticipation of an era when artificial intelligence will be as ubiquitous as electricity and Wi-Fi, DEEPX develops the underlying technology for high-performance AI semiconductors and computing solutions that can make all electronic devices intelligent. DEEPX’s AI semiconductors are optimized for various AI applications, improving the energy efficiency of AI devices and enabling efficient AI functions. Currently, DEEPX is collaborating with customers such as Hyundai Kia Motors Robotics Lab, POSCO DX, and Jahwa Electronics, which joined forces earlier this year on mass production development. The brand is further expanding cooperation with more than 40 global companies in smart cameras, control and security systems, robots, AI medical devices, and AI servers, and is actively conducting global promotions centered on the United States, China, and Taiwan region.

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DEEPX Unveils 'All-in-4 AI Total Solution' of Four AI Chips to Capture the On-Device AI Market at CES 2024
DEEPX Unveils ‘All-in-4 AI Total Solution’ of Four AI Chips to Capture the On-Device AI Market at CES 2024