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FIT Unveils 224G Tech at DesignCon 2024: Powering AI and Hyperscale Future

Revolutionizing Data Center Connectivity: FIT Unveils 224G Data Rates at DesignCon 2024 – A Leap Forward in AI and Machine Learning Era

HONG KONG, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Foxconn Interconnect Technology (FIT), a frontrunner in the data center connectivity industry, proudly announces the launch of its 224G data rates for high-speed I/O and near-chip connectivity at this year’s DesignCon. This groundbreaking development in 224G signifies a strategic step forward, preparing FIT and its key customers for the burgeoning data rates propelled by advancements in AI and machine learning.

The 224G standard demands exceptional levels of signal integrity, mechanical robustness, and manufacturing precision. Terry Little, Development Engineering Manager and System Architect at FIT, states, “Connectors with 224G interfaces require innovative design approaches, extending beyond conventional development norms. This necessitates creative thinking in electrical contact design, tighter mechanical and manufacturing tolerances, and more stringent assembly processes.” FIT is dedicated to offering these specialized capabilities to the industry, providing crucial thermal and mechanical design guidance for QSFP-DD1600 and OSFP MSAs.

Alex An, Senior Director of Business Development at FIT, emphasizes, “Our amalgamation of industry experience near the chip, extensive manufacturing knowledge, and expertise in high-volume automation creates the perfect synergy to significantly contribute to high-speed MSAs or consortiums. These components are essential in driving AI, hyperscale, and enterprise solutions. FIT stands out in its ability to pioneer and scale copper connectivity solutions originating from the chip, including co-packaged solutions, near-chip connectors, and 224G internal cabling to IO.”

FIT is swiftly progressing in the development of near- or on-chip connectivity. With the expansion of the back-end network, there’s a pressing need to move beyond traditional board layers.

Alex adds, “The challenge extends beyond high speed – managing power is also a critical hurdle. As a provider of connector solutions, our focus is on integrating high power density into mission-critical components without sacrificing other architectural aspects. Collaborating with our clients to solve these pivotal challenges remains a primary focus of our efforts.”

Aligned with its ‘3+3 strategy’, FIT is concentrating its resources on key markets such as Electric Vehicles (EVs), Audio, and 5G AIoT to foster margin growth. The company is enthusiastic about showcasing its latest innovations at DesignCon 2024, underscoring its commitment to its customers and their growth in these vital sectors.

For more information about FIT and its innovative solutions, please visit booth 619 at DesignCon 2024.

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