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From Appliances to Everywhere: CJC Motor Drives Innovation with BLDC at CES Tech 2024

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In the shimmering heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, the world’s electronics giants collide with rising stars and show how they will make life more enjoyable and accessible with the latest technologies in various areas, redefining once again the frontiers of what’s possible in CES 2024. CJC Motor will showcase bldc motors and controllers at Booth 2114, West Gate Hall. To make an appointment please visit here.

The global BLDC motor market is experiencing a powerful surge, with a jump from $14.36 billion in 2021 to $21.9 billion in 2022. The Asia Pacific region emerged as the largest global BLDC motor market, with estimated North America leading the charge as the fastest-growing region.

But what’s driving this electrifying growth? The key lies in BLDC technology:

  • BLDC motors: efficient, versatile, brushless, extended life, adjustable speed, low-noise, low-wear

Electronic controller or driver has led to an increase in the application fields of BLDC motors, as they can be finely tuned and controlled for a variety of uses.

  • Electronic controller: precise control, speed adjustment, direction control, diverse applications

These advantages are opening doors to a wide range of applications, propelling the emerging market even further:

  • Electrification Revolution: BLDC motors power the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, propelling cars, buses, and even drones towards a greener future. Their high efficiency and low maintenance make them ideal for extended ranges and smooth operation.
  • Industrial Precision: BLDC motors find their way into robots, automation systems, and medical equipment. Their precise control and smooth operation ensure delicate tasks are handled with unmatched accuracy.
  • Home Appliance Evolution: From big appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, smart blinds) to small appliances (blenders, coffee grinders, air purifiers, robotic cleaners), BLDC motors brings precision control and quiet operation to everyday appliances, paving the way for smarter cleaning and effortless comfort.

At CJC, our commitment to surpassing industry standards is deeply ingrained in our BLDC and controllers offerings. CJC offers a comprehensive range of BLDC motors and bldc controllers, expertly tailored to meet the unique needs of each application. We help brands turn their products into exciting smart products improving precision control, longer lifespan and energy-saving performance!

BLDC Motor from CJC Motor

  • Low-Speed with Substantial Torque: Our bldc motors deliver consistent torque, tackling demanding tasks with quiet, effortless grace. The advanced rotor design and optimized magnetic field distribution ensure minimal cogging torque, resulting in remarkably smooth operation even at crawl speeds. Our proprietary low-inductance windings minimize electrical losses, maximizing torque output at low speeds.

Recommended applications include professional blenders and stand mixers.

  • Precise Accuracy: Our bldc motors boast matched positioning capabilities, ensuring that each movement is as precise as it is powerful. Whether it’s navigating intricate robotic maneuvers or stabilizing sensitive medical equipment, these motors respond accurately to your commands. Their constant control minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency. Advanced rotor designs and optimized magnetic fields minimize cogging torque, ensuring smooth, jitter-free operation even at the most delicate speeds. High-resolution encoders and intelligent control algorithms translate your commands into precise motor movements, and rigorous testing and quality control ensure that every CJC motor meets the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Recommended applications include consumer robots, medical instruments.

  • High Voltage with High Power: Our bldc motors handle electrical currents with unwavering reliability, ensuring efficient energy conversion and maximum performance. CJC’s advanced insulation systems and robust construction withstand the rigors of high voltage, minimizing electrical losses and maximizing energy conversion efficiency. This translates to extended battery life, lower operating costs, and ultimately, a more sustainable solution. Our proprietary control algorithms and intelligent cooling systems ensure precise current management, preventing overheating and safeguarding the motor’s integrity. This dedication to reliability guarantees consistent performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Recommended applications include coffee machines, coffee bean grinders, and kitchen machines.

BLDC controller from CJC Motor

  • Effortless Setup: Automatic motor matching in just 10 seconds eliminates tedious debugging.
  • Sensorless Flexibility: Achieve speeds of 150,000+ RPM with our high-speed sensorless FOC algorithm.
  • Precision at its Peak: Precise PID simulation algorithm delivers visualized, optimal parameters for lightning-fast 0 to full-speed response in 0.08 seconds.
  • Servo/Stepper Replacement: Achieve precise positioning with brushless motor drive, reducing overall costs.
  • High-performance BLDC motor: Closed-loop control delivers 1-step accuracy at reduced costs.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Real-time short circuit protection, microsecond-level back EMF absorption, and high-margin anomaly protection safeguard your system.

CJC MOTOR Fuels Innovation with BLDC Expertise

While BLDC motors excel in miniaturization and controllability, propelling the development of compact, cutting-edge products, at CJC MOTOR, we take it a step further. We’re not just motor suppliers; we’re innovation partners. We offer a comprehensive ecosystem of support, from collaborative design and engineering to custom prototyping and rigorous testing. We understand the unique challenges faced by innovators, and we’re equipped to overcome them together.

Nowhere is this commitment more evident than in the CJC’s success developing bldc platforms for emerging range of applications. From the nimble electric unicycle and electric scooters, the air purifiers and high-speed hair dryers that improve our lives, to drones that enrich our daily entertainments, CJC BLDC technology can be at the heart of groundbreaking products across industries.

Join the BLDC Revolution: Start Your Innovation Today

Your trusted appliance micro motor partner for over 25 years. We seamlessly integrate micro-motors, BLDC controllers, and assemblies, all with comprehensive technical support at every stage. Uncompromising quality (UL/CSA/CE/CCC) and innovation (150+ patents) drive our success.

Sample cycle: 2 weeks
Mass production cycle: 3 weeks
New platform development cycle: 4 weeks

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