Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Goertek Unveils Cutting-Edge Technologies at CES 2024

Spearheading Innovations to Transform the Consumer Electronics Sector

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Goertek Inc. made its presence felt once again at CES when the annual event opened its doors in Las Vegas on January 9. The technology innovator returned to the event with a line-up of novel technologies and solutions in the realms of acoustics, optics and electronics, aimed at driving advancement across the consumer electronics sector.

Metaverse Innovations: Cutting-Edge VR/AR Optical Solutions
Goertek has introduced a series of VR/AR optical solutions that are redefining industry benchmarks, including the first-ever in-mold injection molding technology utilizing COC materials, a high-performance Pancake display module with an expanded FOV of 105°, the industry’s smallest light engine based on the latest LCoS solution designed for large 46° FOV and upgradeable to 53° FOV. In addition, the company showcased a number of VR/AR devices or reference designs, including MR reference designs based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 and Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 platforms, proprietary lightweight AR glasses weighing 57g with full-color MicroLED optics, and AR intelligent interactive rings capable of multi-modal interaction.

Acoustic Frontiers: Advances in Audio and Haptic Technologies
Goertek exhibited an array of speaker units and modules for cell phones, wearables, headphones and smart speakers. The highlight was the launch of ROX3, a TWS headphone that offers spatial audio, adaptive ANC and lossless sound quality, alongside integrated heart rate monitoring. A wide range of industry-leading haptic products were also on display, including linear motors and force feedback modules. The products stand out for their enhanced performance in a more compact size, significantly enriching the haptic experience with more vivid and enjoyable interactions.

Microelectronics Breakthroughs: A Compact, High-Performance Sensor Range
Goertek Microelectronics showcased a line-up of advanced sensors including pressure, inertial, time-of-flight (ToF), and multifunctional types, characterized by their compact size, high performance, extensive range, and versatility. A notable highlight was the 3D ToF sensor, utilizing a miniaturized OLGA package, significantly reducing its geometry. The development further contributes to the trend of making electronic devices more lightweight and portable.

Health Tech Evolution: Redefining Smartwatches, Bracelets and the Smart Home
Goertek had on display a range of products featuring advanced health monitoring capabilities. Heading up the line-up, Bambi, an optoelectronic blood pressure product, stood out for its ability to provide effortless, anytime-anywhere blood pressure monitoring. The product represents Goertek’s latest foray into the health sector, following the development of medical-grade ECG monitors and airbag-type blood pressure monitoring devices. Additionally, the company introduced Keeper, an enhanced smart speaker equipped with health monitoring functions including contactless body temperature measurement, heart rate, blood oxygen level, ECG and blood pressure monitoring, all with medical-grade precision. Keeper also supports multi-user operation and can connect with multiple devices, enhancing its utility in smart home ecosystems.

Automotive Electronics Developments: Pioneering In-Vehicle Technologies
Goertek’s proprietary in-vehicle center console incorporating industry-leading piezoelectric tactile feedback technology made its debut. The company also showcased the PGU4620 Gen2 module, alongside free-form and cold mirrors designed for in-vehicle AR-HUDs. Goertek also highlighted its advanced cockpit-based active Road-Noise Cancellation (RNC) solutions, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the automotive electronics landscape.

Goertek remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, with a focused aim to continually enhance its core competitiveness. This dedication is geared towards creating added value for society, customers, and the industry at large, reflecting the company’s ongoing effort to be a leader in technological advancement.