Friday, July 19, 2024
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BANGKOK, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Velo, one of the many pioneers in Blockchain-Based Web3 Finance, is proud to announce its groundbreaking product, Orbit. It is an innovative platform bound to be the new standard of payments for merchants conducting business — providing a simple, secure, and quick payment solution that bridges the gap between Web3 and Web2, all powered by Velo.

Orbit is not just another payment platform but the new standard of payments. With real-time conversion capabilities of Crypto to Fiat/stablecoin, merchants will have access to a cutting-edge payment solution designed to simplify transactions with a reach of a broader demographic.

At the heart of Orbit is its built-in blockchain system, enabling merchants to harness the power of stablecoins and offering a seamless off-ramp to local currency via the Velo network. This means that all you need is a QR code to join the new standard of payments.

Orbit offers lower rates than traditional credit card systems, making it an attractive choice for everyone, from street vendors to shopping malls. With an extensive network and an inclusive approach, Orbit is available to all, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from its features.

In addition to its exceptional payment capabilities, Orbit doesn’t stop at payments; it offers a robust API that connects online and offline merchants, allowing for an integrated and versatile approach to business operations.

Orbit’s user-friendly dashboard ensures that merchants from all walks of life can easily navigate the platform, while transparent fees provide peace of mind. The intuitive design makes it effortless to manage and track business performance.

Velo’s Orbit is set to reshape the payment landscape, offering a brighter future for merchants and consumers alike. With its commitment to innovation, security, and simplicity. Orbit is poised to become the go-to choice for forward-thinking businesses.

About Velo Lab:

Velo Labs’ mission is to build a Web3-based liquidity and settlement network that allows partners to safely and securely transfer value between each other with a fully integrated universal payment network powered by the Velo Protocol. Backed by Stellar Network and CP Group, Velo Labs serves Southeast and Pacific partners. Velo Labs’ vision is to complement and connect the existing banking infrastructure to the Web3. Velo’s established and expansive Web3-based payment network and Lightnet its licensed partnered settlement network, position it as one of the few blockchain projects with a clear path toward mass adoption. Velo leads in blockchain mass adoption, offering a wide range of Web3-based products tailored to diverse demographic segments, including individuals, merchants, corporations, and businesses. With several significant products already in their portfolio and additional releases on the horizon, Velo is dedicated to bridging businesses with global funds and expanding accessibility for individuals worldwide.

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