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K-water, Opens a New Era of Water at CES 2024 with 19 Partners Firms

– Highlights collaboration with 19 partners and startups such as wateRound, wins innovation awards for 6 products.

– Water Industry Future Vision Forum to be held on January 9 from 16:00 to 16:30.

– K-water Pavilion: Eureka Park – Hall G, Booth 62845

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — K-water, (https://www.kwater.or.kr/eng/main.do) will be participating in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, the world’s largest electronic appliance and IT trade fair held from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas, USA.

K-water, Opens a New Era of Water at CES 2024 with 19 Partners Firms
K-water, Opens a New Era of Water at CES 2024 with 19 Partners Firms

As a leading water management specialist in Korea, K-water is participating in CES 2024 to support the global market entry of Korean companies with exceptional technologies and to implement government export strategies. The company will be accompanied by 19 Korean water sector partner firms recognized for their technological innovations.

*List of 19 partner firms:

1. Water [WI.Plat, WATER EYES, Elec-fieldfuture, SpaceMap, ECOPEACE, Solarinno, Gen21, Simple Grow, CAST, SMT],

2. Energy [K-WaterCraft, SCOTRA, Conalog]

3. Urban Development [Ino-On, TSP XR, Gonggong, GSiL, AEOL Korea, RECO].

In addition, 4 partner firms (EcoPeace, SOLARINNO, AeolKorea, GongGong [Swasher]) among those participating in CES 2024 with the support of K-water, with six products in total, have received the ‘CES Innovation Award’ from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), garnering significant recognition and interest for their technological competitiveness and innovation on the global stage.

Centered around the themes of ‘Water, Energy, and Urban Development’, K-water will showcase its key technologies and business areas. The event will facilitate buyer meetings and showcase pitches, aimed at bolstering the export opportunities for the innovative technologies of K-water’s partner firms. Notably, the 2024 Water Industry Future Vision Forum will also take place. This forum will feature BTE, recognized for winning two innovation awards at CES 2023 and successfully clinching a three-year contract worth KRW 46 billion with an American firm. Additionally, BuKangTech, a company with commendable achievements in the U.S. market, will join the discussion, contributing insights into the future trajectory of Korea’s water industry.

[Innovative Technologies of the 19 Partner Firms]

▲WI.Plat(http://wiplat.com): Provide “AI-driven water leak solution(NELOW)” based on the digital technologies of IoT, AI, and cloud

▲WATER EYES(https://water-eyes.com/en/index.php): Develop real-time water quality measurement sensors and big data-based water quality management programs

▲Elec-fieldfuture(http://effuture.website.ne.kr/en/index.php): Develops and manufactures field emission X-ray devices and generators, and UV sterilization lamps by using field emission characteristics of CNTs

▲SpaceMap(http://spacemap42.com/): Provide a real-time or near real-time decision-making platform for the best possible solutions to maximize the safety and efficiency of space missions

▲ECOPEACE(www.eco-peace.co.kr/en/): Provide innovative solutions to realize carbon neutrality through continuous technological innovation, convergence, and advanced technology development based on ICT-based water purification technology and renewable energy utilization technology

▲Solarinno(www.solarinno.com): Develops small-scale desalinators making potable water from sea water or grey water

▲Gen21(http://gen21e.com/): Make a rechargeable electronic detergent that turns water into liquid detergent and a drinkable mineral detergent to protect nature & Human

▲Simple Grow(www.simplegrow.life): Create a secure environment for everyday life through real-time spectroscopic analysis

▲CAST(https://www.invcast.com): Provide a safe and eco-friendly sterilization solution using oxygen for food, water, and space

▲SMT(https://www.smt7global.com): Manage multi-devices equipped with IoT functionality for efficient water and energy management

▲K-WaterCraft(https://kwatercraft.com/english/): Develop a hydrogen fuel cell power generation system based on water electrolysis

▲SCOTRA(http://scotra.co.kr/en/index.asp): Builds everything on the water with a floating system like a Marina, floating bridge, floating house, and floating PV

▲Conalog(https://conalog.com): Offers digital O&M for solar plants with panel-level monitoring and analysis, ensuring optimal performance

▲Ino-On(www.ino-on.com): Building safer and more comfortable cities based on AI and IoT technology

▲TSP XR(https://tspxr.com): Develop and continuously advance web-based industrial digital twin and AI solutions

▲GSiL(https://en.gsil.kr/): Serves the most well-fit smart safety solution to the client through customization and integration of various IoT and AI technologies

▲Gonggong(https://www.gonggongcorp.com/en): Air purification tech with water vortex, large capacity, convenience, high performance with low cost

▲AEOL Korea(www.aeolkorea.co.kr): Contributes to carbon neutrality by recovering energy based on porous materials called Metal-Organic Framework

▲RECO(http://www.recokr.com): Deploying Breakthrough Holistic Waste Recycling Solutions for a Sustainable World

K-water booth is located at Eureka Park Hall Booth 62845, covering an area of 2,500ft. It features 19 partner firms with innovative ESG technologies in the fields of water, energy, and urban development, among which four partner firms (with six products) have won innovation awards.

< CES 2024 K-water Pavilion Details >

– (Event Duration) January 9 (Tue) – January 12 (Fri), 2024
– (Exhibition Venue) Las Vegas Venetian Expo Eureka Park #62845
– (Exhibition Area) 2,500ft / 232㎡
– (Participation Scale) Total of 19 partner firms (10 from the Water sector, 3 from the Energy sector, and 6 from the Urban Development sector).
– (Key Accomplishments) 4 partner firms (with six products) won innovation awards.
Participating partner firms with innovative ESG technologies related to Water, Energy, and Urban Development.
– (Media Contact) Manager Moon Seon-in
– (Contact Email) simun@thewelcome.co.kr