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Mavericks Home Game Sponsored by TORRAS Launches, Special Edition Ostand Phone Case Stand Captivates Fans

DALLAS, Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As the creator of the phone stand case, TORRAS has successfully entered into a sponsorship collaboration with the Dallas Mavericks (MAVS) and successfully executed two offline brand events in December.

On December 23, TORRAS set up an eye-catching brand booth in the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas and displayed a variety of products, especially the limited edition phone stand case – Ostand R, and wearable air conditioner – COOLiFY specially designed with Dallas Mavericks.

These two limited-edition products were deeply loved by Mavericks fans at the scene and became the most popular products that fans wanted to have; they not only carry TORRAS’s tradition of pursuing excellent quality but also bring fans products with unique collectible value.

At the event, TORRAS also specially arranged small interactive games and sent out many products to Mavericks fans through mini-shooting winning devices. This ingenious interaction not only increased the atmosphere of the scene but also allowed fans to have a deeper understanding of TORRAS products. At its peak, nearly 100 people lined up to participate, and a total of 1500 people were attracted to the booth that night.

Image of a timeout during the Dallas Mavericks home game with a TORRAS sponsorship event
Image of a timeout during the Dallas Mavericks home game with a TORRAS sponsorship event

On December 27, during one of the timeout stages of the game between the Mavericks and the Cavaliers, TORRAS used a 90-second interactive game to once again set off a passionate climax at the scene. One lucky fan participated in the game blindfolded, and under the enthusiastic guidance of the fans in the audience, successfully received a gift package of a full range of TORRAS brand products, and was even more fortunate to receive a Mavericks jersey. The fans cheered one after another, and the whole stadium was boiling.

This cooperation with the Mavericks not only brings wider attention to TORRAS’ products but also injects more sports elements into the brand. The design of the limited-edition phone stand case and wearable air conditioner not only provides excellent protection for users’ mobile devices but also meets fans’ needs for personalized products. It also incorporates the essence of sports culture into products, making this cooperation more far-reaching and significant.

TORRAS stated that they chose to cooperate with the Mavericks not only for commercial considerations, but also because TORRAS recognized its perseverance in sportsmanship, and the competitive spirit of the Mavericks fits perfectly with the brand concept of TORRAS. Determined and strong and never giving up, that is what TORRAS has always been building.

This successful cooperation marks that cross-brand cooperation between sports and technology has become a new trend that people cannot ignore. Let’s see TORRAS and the Dallas Mavericks growing more stable and ambitious in the future.

TORRAS Ostand series is now available on Amazon and the official website.


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