Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Membrane’s State-of-the-Art Digital Asset Derivatives Platform Supports Inaugural OTC Trade for XBTO and Arbelos

MIAMI, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Membrane Labs, Inc., a leading digital asset management software firm, announces the launch of its next-generation derivatives management platform. The platform enables a seamless end-to-end management of OTC derivatives transactions, including the ongoing management of portfolio-level collateral and trade flow settlement. The platform redefines derivatives trading management in the digital asset space for institutions, solving operational efficiency and risk management issues while providing a superior OTC trading experience. The first trade on the platform took place earlier this week between two industry leaders, XBTO and Arbelos Markets, utilizing Membrane’s end-to-end infrastructure.

Membrane Derivatives
Membrane Derivatives

“Clients see Membrane’s platform as a game-changer in the digital asset space,” said Carson Cook, CEO of Membrane. “Our technology streamlines derivatives trading and counterparty risk management on one platform. Collaborating with XBTO and Arbelos, we set new standards for institutional access to capital markets and portfolio management. Membrane’s platform enhances the safety and efficiency of the crypto OTC market.”

Mike Geraci, Membrane’s Head of Derivatives, said “Membrane is unlocking the true potential of the OTC derivatives market and solving the fragmented nature of the ecosystem by providing an integrated toolset for direct market access, settlement, custom pairs and valuations, and collateral management.  With this infrastructure in place, we expect robust trading volumes and liquidity to gravitate to OTC markets.”

Arbelos Markets is a principal trading firm specializing in derivatives, from the high-touch to programmatic. Joshua Lim, CEO of Arbelos, highlighted the platform’s impact: “Membrane’s platform addresses several critical challenges in our industry. The seamless integration of booking, managing collateral with smart contracts, and executing trades, coupled with advanced margin functions, is a smart approach to crypto derivatives trading. This is a significant step in mitigating operational risks and enhancing our company’s trade efficiency.” Shiliang Tang, President of Arbelos, added, “The ease of updating margin requirements and collateral movement with enhanced visibility through Membrane has significantly simplified our operational processes. This has further provided a level of transparency to the bilateral derivatives landscape that has been sorely lacking within the industry. We’re excited to be pushing the boundaries forward.”

Established in 2015, XBTO offers a comprehensive platform for digital assets and tailored investment solutions catered to sophisticated non-US investors and institutions. Paul Eisma, Head of Options and Trading at XBTO, said, “As a pioneer in institutional crypto finance, XBTO is proud to be a counterparty in the inaugural OTC digital asset options trade using Membrane’s technology. Membrane has developed cutting-edge institutional OTC options tools that cover every aspect of the trading life cycle, including collateral and margin management, RFQ, settlement, and reporting.”

About Membrane Labs

Membrane is a software infrastructure provider for enterprise-grade capital market access integrated with a custody-agnostic settlement network for OTC spot trades, loans, derivatives, and associated collateral management with fully customizable report creation.