Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science Debuts Digital Transformation in Marketing: A Roadmap 2023

BEIJING, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science (MAMS), a Chinese marketing science organization that combines industry expertise, scholarly research and practical insights, has recently unveiled Digital Transformation in Marketing: A Roadmap 2023 (“Roadmap 2023”) at the 7th China Marketing Science Conference, facilitated by Miaozhen Systems. This latest edition marks the third annual iteration of the influential guide.

The Roadmap likens the digital transformation journey in enterprise marketing to ascending a mountain. The ascent is segmented vertically into three stages, with the mountain’s base, mid-section and summit representing the initial, intermediate, and advanced phases of the transformation. Along the horizontal axis, it’s underpinned by foundational elements such as data and technological capabilities, alongside organizational structure. Roadmap 2023 covers 6 critical areas of marketing: advertising, content, social media, e-commerce, user growth, and innovation management. As organizations navigate the journey, they confront challenges unique to each stage, meeting distinct digital milestones along the way.

By achieving all the necessary milestones, companies can complete their digital transformation in marketing, attaining the ultimate objectives of enhanced efficiency, agile responsiveness and value creation. Building on the foundations of the previous two editions, the Roadmap 2023 has been significantly upgraded to better assist business marketers in executing their digital marketing strategies.

New to Roadmap 2023 is the ‘Digital Transformation in Marketing: KPI Indexed Chart.’ This Chart addresses the challenges of strategy segmentation, impact assessment, and cost management throughout the digital marketing transformation journey. It details 139 key performance indicators (KPIs) across 35 critical scenarios, specifying the metrics to be tracked and evaluated within each of the six principal areas of transformation.

The KPI Indexed Chart is also designed to address the complexities of underlying support technologies and the challenges of tool selection encountered throughout the digital marketing evolution. In addition, the Chart identifies 59 underlying technologies that are essential for each of the transformation paths.  

Furthermore, the Chart incorporates 13 new key turning points while updating 7 existing ones to reflect market evolutions. In areas such as content, social media, e-commerce, and innovation management, several new critical milestones have been introduced, including ‘AI Creative/Copywriting’, ‘SEO Optimization,’ ‘Instant E-commerce’ and ‘Virtual Design’, bringing the total to 120. Concurrently, the definitions of certain milestones have been revised.