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Queclink’s Cutting-Edge Vehicle Tracker Puts Automobile Insurance and UBI Telematics on the Fast Track

SHANGHAI, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Queclink, the world-leading IoT device and solution provider, introduced today its latest battery-mounted vehicle tracker, the GB100CG. Designed for the specific needs of the automobile insurance and usage-based insurance (UBI) market, this innovative device aims to transform the industry with improved data visibility supported by hardware excellence.

Queclink Unveils New Vehicle Tracker for UBI and Insurance Market
Queclink Unveils New Vehicle Tracker for UBI and Insurance Market

Building on the success of its predecessors, the GB100 and GB130MG, which operated on the 2G and Cat M1 networks, the GB100CG takes connectivity to the next level with Cat 1 support, offering enhanced adaptability for the Europe region and future-proof stability worldwide.

The GB100CG is a go-to option for insurance companies and service providers that rely on substantial data collection on the road. The device comes with a rich array of tracking and detecting features including mileage logging, crash detection, and driver behavior monitoring. Its powerful 6-axis built-in motion sensor captures every instance of harsh cornering, harsh pedaling, and speeding, providing insurance companies with invaluable insights that assist in offering tailored discounts to individual drivers and adjusting their insurance policies over time.

The GB100CG boasts an impressive sampling rate of up to 1600mHz, so that data collected is not only precise but also extensive. In the case of a car crash, the device provides a full record of vital figures, allowing accident reconstruction while delivering a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

One notable advantage of the GB100CG is its 2-wire installation process, designed to streamline the experience for end customers. Without requiring professional assistance, anyone can effortlessly mount the device within minutes by simply attaching it to the vehicle battery and connecting the 2 wires.

Moreover, the device features a high-temperature-tolerant NiMH battery and an IP67-rated waterproof casing, which ensure its safe and reliable performance even when directly installed on the vehicle battery or used in harsh environments.

The GB100CG incorporates BLE 5.2 technology — a solution for vehicles shared among multiple individuals. By integrating Bluetooth beacons, accurate driver behavior data can be effortlessly collected, distinguishing between different individuals and guaranteeing precise information gathering.

Queclink’s GB100CG caters to the diverse needs of insurance service providers, data operators, and individual users, offering a wide range of advantages from accurate real-time tracking to the elimination of costly installation fees. With its cutting-edge capabilities, the device is set to redefine the industry, propelling automobile insurance, UBI, and telematics to new heights.