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Sercomm Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations at CES 2024, Paving the Way for 10G Vision

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sercomm Corporation (TWSE: 5388), a leading supplier of telecom and broadband equipment, announces its participation in CES 2024, the largest global consumer electronics event, to be held from January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas, USA. Led by Chairman James Wang and President Ben Lin, Sercomm will showcase solutions in three themes: ’10G Ultra-Broadband Generation,’ ‘Smart IoT,’ and ‘Immersive Entertainment Experiences.’

Sercomm Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations at CES 2024
Sercomm Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations at CES 2024

The company seeks to engage global telecom service providers on its innovative solutions of next-generation smart home applications and broadband technology during CES 2024. Sercomm will host its exhibit at the Palazzo Hospitality Suite, featuring solutions designed to shape the future of telecommunications and connectivity.

Chairman James Wang said, “Sercomm always strives to provide our customers with high-value products and applications. Staying closely attuned to market trends, our three main themes of solutions in CES this year: ’10G Ultra-Broadband Generation,’ ‘Smart IoT,’ and ‘Immersive Entertainment Experiences’ will demonstrate how we create value for the entire industry and maintain our position as the preferred technology partner for telecom operators.”

At the heart of its exhibition, Sercomm will be unveiling its pioneering 10G products like XGS-PON, 5G FWA, and DOCSIS 4.0 gateways. These 10G ultra-high-speed networking solutions promise to significantly enhance the deployment efficiency of telecommunications operators, providing users with high-speed, stable, and ultra-low-latency wireless broadband experiences.

Sercomm will also be showcasing its IoT Solutions. Integrating Smart Home cloud monitoring, Sercomm’s solutions combine network cameras and sensors with AI edge computing. Ideal for access control, home monitoring, and construction security, it empowers system integrators to unlock more opportunities for cross-platform security solutions for its end uses.

As the demand for immersive AR/VR entertainment experiences continues to grow, cloud gaming and 8k streaming will be putting more demand on bandwidth, ultra-low latency and speed. Sercomm’s exhibition at CES 2024 will highlight how its WiFi 7/Mesh routers bring the 10G entertainment experience home, realizing the full potential of 10G world.

Sercomm’s commitment to advancing 10G technology underscores its dedication to the development of telecommunications and connectivity. Visit the Palazzo Hospitality Suite to explore how Sercomm’s products facilitate the 10G vision.

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