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Stand with TORRAS, to Empower Phone Users with New Accessories

NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TORRAS, a leading electronics brand offers All-in-One functionality products, the Ostand Case, Powerbank and a 3-step setup screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, simplifying accessory choices and empowering users.

TORRAS New Accessories for Samsung.
TORRAS New Accessories for Samsung.

1. TORRAS Ostand Redefines Hand Ergonomics

TORRAS Ostand case offers a more comfortable and stable holding solution. The common holding position of wrapping hand around the back of the phone can cause stress on user’s forearm or even cause the phone to slip. To overcome this, TORRAS Ostand features a hollow circular ring that allows users to comfortably hold the phones at different angles, even creating the feeling that they’re holding the phone firmly by using only half of the phone’s body. The circular ring doubles as a MagSafe stand that can support phone from 0-120 degrees, becoming a third hand. No more struggling to find support when watching videos or attending online meetings.

Ostand’s portrait and landscape modes blend into everyday scenarios. For Samsung S24 Ultra users, the S Pen remote control works perfectly with Ostand in these modes when taking photos.

2. TORRAS’s Ostand Series: Less is More

TORRAS is committed to simplifying phone accessories. Instead of encouraging the purchase of multiple single-function accessories, TORRAS offers All-in-One functional products. Integrating solid protection, hidden stand, MagSafe, and ring holder into one phone case is the rule of TORRAS. However, this integration does not mean bulky and awkward looking. Ostand folds flat as a slim case and, when unfolded, transforms into a ring holder and a MagSafe stand.

The hidden stand is a patented technology from TORRAS that is integrated into most of products. The Ostand Power Bank is also an All-in-One solution, combining a compact charger that easily fits into your pocket and a 360-degree rotatable stand in the form of a ring. The 10,000mAh version will be launched in February 2024.

TORRAS is equally dedicated to simplifying user actions. The TORRAS screen protector, streamlines the typically complex screen installation process into a quick 3-step setup, refreshing your phone within just 15 seconds.

TORRAS Ostand series is now available on Amazon and the official website.


Established in 2012, TORRAS is a trailblazer of Stand Case, redefining lifestyles through innovative products driven by cutting-edge technologies. With a keen curiosity for lifestyle trends, TORRAS is reshaping the future of how we live.

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