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Star Charge to Showcase EV Charging Infrastructure and Microgrid Solutions and Release Details of US Market Expansion at CES 2024

FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Star Charge, a global leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure with a proven track record of delivering up to 2 million EV chargers in more than 60 countries, announces its participation at CES. The company will unveil cutting-edge solutions for EV Charging and Microgrid, aiming to build a more efficient and resilient infrastructure that embraces the era of e-mobility and distributed energy networks for a sustainable future. Additionally, Star Charge will demonstrate its commitment to investing in talents and facilities in the US market through the presence of its management team.

Star Charge demonstrates scenario-based solutions for diverse customer needs.

At Booth 8905, the company showcases its forward-looking solutions, its vision of future microgrid and charging automation solutions.

Residential Area: Empowering Home Energy Independence

Star Charge introduces innovative solutions for home energy independence. Our PV-ESS-EV Charging Station solution ensures a self-sufficient and clean energy supply. Halo Series the bi-directional chargers use EVs as backup power sources, and the Home Energy Management system optimizes residential energy consumption.

Charging Station Solution: Driving Efficient and Future-Proof Charging Infrastructure

Star Charge leads in efficient charging infrastructure with up to 97% power conversion efficiency. Our flexible DC fast charging lineup (30kW to 480kW) suits diverse site demands. Over-the-air updates keep our stations current, and our management system optimizes total cost of ownership for businesses and return on investment.

Industrial Premises: Optimizing Electricity Bills and Expanding Power Capacity Effortlessly

Star Charge showcases its energy storage systems (ESS) designed for industrial premises called eBox. With a mix of energy sources and time-of-use programs, our energy storage serves as a buffer, optimizing energy use by storing surplus renewable and off-peak electricity and releasing it during peak hours. As the demand for power increases with the growth of EVs, our ESS also acts as an expansion of power capacity, eliminating the need for costly upgrades to transformers and demand contracts with utility companies.

Commercial Areas: Enabling an EV-Friendly Workplace and Business Environment

Star Charge presents its star products Artemis (AC) and Titan (DC) , tailored for workplace and business environments, serving as destination charging spots for employees, visitors, and customers. This EV-friendly solution aligns with the growing prevalence of electric vehicles, contributing to increased employee and customer satisfaction.

Star Charge is investing in the US market. 

In addition to the previous announcement of opening manufacturing facility in Ohio, Star Charge has assembled a team from across the industry. “Our US team is growing quickly, and we are fortunate to have attracted some of the best talents from several industries related to infrastructure, including telecom, EV charging, gasoline, and renewables. They bring expertise in customer management and service, system and solution design, and operational lifecycle maintenance,” stated Robin He, President of Star Charge Americas Corporations. Robin has a stellar history in industrial electronics development and has been successful in several manufacturing and distribution ventures.

Star Charge invites all CES 2024 attendees to visit Booth 8905, witness the future of electric mobility and energy solutions, and join the journey towards a sustainable and electrified future.

About Star Charge

Star Charge, a global leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and microgrid solutions, operates in 20 countries with manufacturing facilities in USA, Vietnam, and China. To contribute to the energy transition towards a more sustainable future, we focus on evolving our solutions through innovative technology in the e-mobility sector, aiming to build a mobile and efficient energy network. For more information, please visit

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