Monday, June 17, 2024
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Tech-Driven Success: Amazon Web Services Guides Chinese Technology to Go Global

BEIJING, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Chinese technology going global signifies a new era of elevated quality and sophistication for Chinese businesses. Throughout history, inventions like¬†papermaking, printing, gunpowder, and the compass were among the earliest Chinese technologies reaching worldwide. Today, companies such as Kingsoft Office, Shoplazza, and ADVANCE.AI continue this legacy with innovative technology, pioneering new avenues in globalization.

Leveraging extensive global infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kingsoft Office has established a highly efficient and stable cloud platform overseas. Specifically, Amazon S3 offers automated lifecycle management which enables intelligent-layer storage for Kingsoft Office, optimizing costs by over 40%.

Utilizing Amazon SageMaker, Shoplazza has developed an end-to-end model training and tuning solution. Additionally, they have launched their AI-generated image application, Beta Creator, in just two months, from identifying needs of businesses to product delivery. This swift approach has significantly reduced the time and cost of training and tuning models.

Adopting Amazon SageMaker and other reliable and efficient services provided by AWS, ADVANCE.AI has streamlined its model training and inference processes, and achieved over 99.99% service availability. Such robust performance has earned the company a strong reputation among clients and recognition as one of the top 50 global technology companies in artificial intelligence.

Serving 245 countries and territories, and offering over 200 fully featured services, AWS has not only accelerated the Chinese technology going global, but also provided a solid foundation for its international prominence.

Kingsoft Office has greatly improved work efficiency by using machine learning (ML) and large language model (LLM) for full-text search, associative thinking, and content optimization and adjustment. Shoplazza, leveraging AWS, offers innovative AI, ML, and LLM features for e-commerce businesses going global. ADVANCE.AI uses Amazon’s AI services to deliver leading anti-fraud solutions throughout Southeast Asia.

Liang Yan, the general manager of Digital Native Business of AWS China, states that in recent years, many Chinese enterprises have expanded globally through technological innovation and a digital economy. As a global cloud computing platform, AWS enables these companies to concentrate on their core business and technological innovation while navigating international expansion.

With the rise of China’s global expansion, Chinese companies need to invest in continual technological innovation to gain an edge in global integration. AWS provides comprehensive global infrastructure and technical support, bridging initial gaps for Chinese enterprises going global and facilitating the worldwide reach of Chinese technology.