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Verichains joins WEMIX3.0 as the key member of 40 WONDERS Node Council

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Verichains, a leading provider of blockchain security solutions, proudly joins WEMIX, a decentralized blockchain platform, as a crucial member of the 40 WONDERS node council for their mainnet WEMIX3.0.

With its recent induction as WONDER 12 into the 40 WONDERS, Verichains is set to play a crucial role in ensuring the security and integrity of transactions on the WEMIX 3.0 mainnet. This partnership comes on the heels of Verichains’ comprehensive audit of the mainnet, which emphasized the company’s unparalleled ability in identifying and strengthening potential vulnerabilities in blockchain systems.

Troy Le, Head of Business at Verichains, said, “We’re excited to deepen our working relationship with WEMIX, a leading Layer 1 in Korea. After conducting an exhaustive audit of the WEMIX 3.0 mainnet and now joining as a Node Council Partner, we are setting a new standard in blockchain security and reliability. We are committed to ensuring the WEMIX ecosystem is not only secure but also a beacon of trust for its users.”

Verichains’ top-tier security and cryptography research team is known for its critical role in uncovering and addressing vulnerabilities impacting billions in the industry, particularly in MPC and ZKP implementations. Their work has been integral to enhancing security measures across various blockchain platforms.

This partnership with WEMIX further solidifies Verichains’ position as a trusted security ally to prominent Web3 companies and crypto exchanges. Verichains’ extensive background in traditional cybersecurity, adapted to the unique challenges of Web3, ensures that the WEMIX ecosystem is equipped with cutting-edge security solutions.

About Verichains

Verichains is a leading provider of blockchain security solutions, specializing in cryptanalysis, security audits, and application security solutions. Renowned for investigating and mitigating some of the largest Web3 hacks, such as Ronin and BNB Chain Bridge, we blend groundbreaking research with practical security solutions to deliver comprehensive protection for the blockchain industry.

Verichains’ world-class security and cryptography research team has successfully identified critical vulnerabilities impacting billions of dollars across the industry, uncovering flaws within the core of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) implementations by major vendors. As a trusted security partner to leading Web3 companies and Crypto Exchanges like BnB Chain, Polygon Labs, WEMIX, Aptos, Klaytn, Bullish and DWF Labs, Verichains leverages its deep roots in traditional cybersecurity to deliver cutting-edge solutions for a safer, more secure Web3 ecosystem.

About WEMIX3.0

WEMIX3.0 is a high-performance EVM-compatible open source protocol powered by SPoA(Stake-based Proof of Authority) consensus algorithm which is secured by 40 decentralized authority nodes operated by highly-qualified global partners as well as on-chain community DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization). It is designed to be a robust and efficient platform-driven & service-oriented public blockchain home to innovative projects and applications built by community members and available to the world. WEMIX3.0 is a mainnet of Wemade, one of Korea’s top game developers and the owner of “The Legend of Mir” IP, a highly successful game series.

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