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WELOV by AiDot introduces the World’s First Matter-Certified Air Purifier

P200 Pro brings a smarter air purification technology that connects to Matter-enabled ecosystems and Apple health.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — WELOV, A Brand of AiDot, proudly announces the enhancement of its acclaimed P200 Pro Air Purifier, becoming the first-ever Matter-Certified air purifier in the market.

Matter, a connectivity standard, unifies smart devices across brands and platforms, enabling seamless communication. With Matter P200 Pro air purifier, users could effortlessly integrate it into their chosen smart home setups, ensuring ease of control and customization, providing unmatched convenience and versatility.

WELOV by AiDot pursued the first Matter certification in the air purifier category for several reasons. Having joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) in 2022, AiDot achieved its first Matter certification in November 2022. With a reliable background in Matter-compatible Smart Lighting Products, AiDot has sold ten million bulbs activated by 225,000 users and garnered acclaim from Smart Home Media. The success of Matter Smart Bulbs underscores AiDot’s commitment to expanding its Matter-compatible lineup to home appliances, marking a significant step towards a safer and more convenient IoT landscape.

Studies from D W Hacker1 and Sangita Vyas2 revealed that PM2.5 levels are higher during nighttime, prompting many users, particularly those prone to allergies, to rely on air purifiers while sleeping. The P200 Pro addresses this concern by monitoring external real-time environmental factors (covering PM2.5, wildfire, and pollen) and integrating with Apple Health, ensuring users experience a comfortable and pollution-free sleep environment. By authorizing sleep data sharing with Apple Health, users can access their sleep metrics, allowing the P200 Pro to adjust purification modes according to light and deep sleep cycles, ultimately providing a more comfortable sleeping experience.

“WELOV is dedicated to delivering convenience and versatility to our users,” stated Luke Lin, CEO at AiDot. “Achieving Matter 1.2 certification not only shows WELOV’s comprehensive transition into the Home Appliance IoT sphere but also reflects our commitment to providing consumers with a convenient and comfortable indoor living environment.”

Revolutionary Customizable Sleep Mode for Optimal Sleep Quality

Based on market research insights revealing various pain points experienced by air purifier users, WELOV has delved deep into these issues. To address the concerns comprehensively, WELOV introduces an innovative Sleep Mode feature. This mode offers a range of customizable functionalities tailored for enhanced sleep quality.

  • Personalized sleep profiles
  • Synchronization with users’ sleep patterns
  • Sound level monitoring for a healthy sleep environment
  • Customizable lighting effects

The arrival of Matter certification marks a pivotal step for WELOV air treatment products toward a more interconnected ecosystem. Beyond the broader scope of the Matter protocol, WELOV consistently aims to elevate product quality and functionality, exemplified by the enhanced Sleep Mode. The Sleep Mode isn’t just about integrating intelligence; it’s about crafting an experience that genuinely enhances users’ daily lives, making their air treatment journey not just smart but also remarkably comfortable and helpful.

The exact timeline for compatibility with the Matter 1.2 protocol (Connect with Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, and Smart Things) remains uncertain for now and will be contingent on the official notification from Connectivity Standards Alliance’s (CSA). The Matter-Certified P200 Pro, is scheduled for release on WELOV’s Amazon and AiDot store on March. At this time, the upgraded Sleep Mode, compatible with Apple Health, will also be made available simultaneously.

For more information about the Matter-Certified P200 Pro Air Purifier and WELOV’s range of air treatment solutions, keep staying with WELOV website for future plan.

1. Hacker DW, Sparrow EM. Use of air-cleaning devices to create airborne particle-free spaces intended to alleviate allergic rhinitis and asthma during sleep. Indoor Air. 2005 Dec;15(6):420-31. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0668.2005.00387.x. PMID: 16268832.

2. Vyas S, Srivastav N, Spears D (2016) An Experiment with Air Purifiers in Delhi during Winter 2015-2016. PLoS ONE 11(12): e0167999. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0167999


At WELOV, A brand of AiDot, we redefine premium air quality for modern families with air purification and humidification, empowered by AiDot’s unmatched efficiency in air care, setting new industry standards. The unique aspect of our Intelligent Home is its seamless integration across all IoT ecosystems, including AiDot system and the Matter ecosystem. This offers unmatched connectivity, unparalleled customization, and remarkable versatility, where sophistication blends with smart living, elevating air quality to new heights.