Friday, July 19, 2024
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CIS AdTech giant Qbigtech rolls out the AdRu agency to assist Chinese brands entering the CIS market

SHANGHAI, Feb. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Against the backdrop of record growth in trade turnover between CIS countries and China, an increasing number of Chinese brands and marketplaces are seeking to enter this market and strengthen their positions there. Success in the market is based on effective marketing – here companies face a number of challenges: the difficulty of transferring funds for advertising, the unique features of local ad platforms, and the nuances of advertising legislation. One of the leaders of the CIS AdTech industry, Qbigtech, has launched AdRu, an agency that removes all obstacles for marketing of Chinese companies.

In 2023, trade turnover between CIS countries and China exceeded hundreds of billion dollars – and it was the demand of CIS buyers for Chinese goods that grew most actively. Over the year, it increased by as much as 50-60%. Ecommerce industry accounted for a significant share of this growth – it is no coincidence that China took more than 50% of the global volume of it last year, surpassing the United States. Online advertising for Ecommerce brands and online marketplaces is a key source of customer influx.

The daily Internet audience in CIS countries exceeds 250 million people, most of them active online shoppers. But foreign brands have to overcome a number of challenges before these users see their advertising. The very first challenge is the quick and easy replenishment of budgets in the main advertising networks: VKontakte, Yandex, MyTarget, Telegram and many others. Through AdRu you can fund all these accounts from many countries using a wide range of payment methods and quickly launch advertising campaigns, saving on commissions.

Another important aspect is the new advertising law introduced in 2022, which requires all advertisers to label their ads and send data about them to the regulator – advertising data operator. AdRu takes care of all bureaucratic issues, eliminates the risk of mistakes and fines for the Chinese brand, and saves the resources of the brand’s marketing team.

After solving the issues of finance and legal, Chinese brands face the test of knowing the nuances of the CIS market. For example, Telegram plays a big role in the CIS Ecommerce industry in addition to its globally recognised communication functions. According to Qbigtech, its audience makes over 5% of all online purchases in CIS region. In order not to waste budgets and immediately launch advertising on platforms with the best conversion, you need the help of specialists with local experience and knowledge of such details.

AdRu consultants have a huge amount of data accumulated over 10+ years of Qbigtech advertising services working with over 3000 brands and marketplaces. Among the group’s clients are such well-known brands as Alibaba, SHEIN, Banggood, DHgate, Logitech and many others. The experience of working with them will help AdRu experts to give effective and accurate advice to hundreds of Chinese brands wishing to replicate the success of these giants in the CIS market.