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CNEC Global Leap Program Debuts in Barcelona, Highlighting Seven Tech Leaps to Accelerate Intelligence

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud Native Elite Club (CNEC) hosted a successful seminar titled “Leap with Cloud Native x AI” at MWC Barcelona 2024. Over 50 industry leaders and experts gathered to explore cutting-edge trends in technology and innovation for 2024, sharing valuable insights and practices of cloud native and AI applications.

CNEC Global Leap Program Debuts in Barcelona, Highlighting Seven Tech Leaps to Accelerate Intelligence
CNEC Global Leap Program Debuts in Barcelona, Highlighting Seven Tech Leaps to Accelerate Intelligence

Seven Technical Leaps to Accelerate Intelligence Across Industries

Bruno Zhang, Huawei Cloud CTO, emphasized the critical role of cloud native and AI technologies as driving forces for industry transformation in the intelligent era.

He listed seven key technical leaps for intelligent upgrades across industries:

  • Architecture: from CPU-centric primary/secondary to heterogeneous peer-to-peer architecture;
  • Compute: from general-purpose to AI compute;
  • Storage: from data lake to AI-Native storage;
  • Data-AI convergence: from “Data+AI” to “Data4AI/AI4Data”;
  • Application development: from full/low/zero code to AI-assisted/self programming;
  • Media technology: from shooting to computing and from production to generation;
  • Security: from cyber and information security to a zero trust approach 

Taylor Dolezal, Head of the CNCF Ecosystem, emphasized cloud native technologies as the backbone for AI Infrastructure, highlighting its potential to accelerate industry-wide AI adoption. “CNCF boasts numerous projects utilized by leading AI companies like OpenAI, providing the essential technological infrastructure for generative AI,” Dolezal stated. “Furthermore, cloud native projects like K8sGPT exemplify how we can leverage the advanced natural language processing capabilities of generative AI and the power of Kubernetes to drive industry innovation.”

“Cloud computing nurtures the innovation and development of AI models,” said Li Wei, Deputy Director of Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Institute at China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). “Cloud computing offers flexible, scalable, and efficient support for these models, reducing costs and improving efficiency,” Li explained. “It also provides a user-friendly platform for model development, deployment, and utilization.”

Ms. Li highlighted the emergence of Large Model Cloud Services as a new paradigm in the cloud computing landscape. She emphasized the importance of establishing industry standards. “The standards framework for large model cloud service consists of four layers: infrastructure, models, services, and applications. This framework aims to standardize and operationalize Large Model Cloud Service with a well-structured industry system.”

Building a Solid Cloud Foundation for Data-AI Innovation and New Data Value

The seminar featured presentations from Huawei Cloud representatives and various industry leaders showcasing innovative practices across diverse sectors. They shared insights on leveraging cloud technology to accelerate data-AI innovation.

Iñaki Fuentes, COO of TravelgateX, presented their successful cloud native transformation journey with Huawei Cloud. By adopting containers and microservices, they achieved significant improvements: efficiently processing over 6 billion daily hotel searches, reducing cloud costs by 20%, enhancing performance by over 35%, and streamlining operational complexity.

Li Guo, a Huawei Cloud SRE expert, presented their deterministic operations solution, a comprehensive approach based on Huawei Cloud’s internal practices. This solution emphasizes stability and reliability, efficient resources, robust security, and agile services. Huawei Cloud offers a range of services like OES, BOS, AMS, and IMS that empower businesses to enhance O&M capabilities, achieve greater efficiency and quality, and accelerate digital transformation with O&M as a key driver.

Chong Chen, Chief Architect of Huawei Cloud GaussDB(for MySQL), stated that this service can ensure high reliability and availability across three availability zones (AZs), enabling a zero recovery point objective (RPO) and no data loss. Moreover, the entire database system can easily scale up and down and add or remove read copies within minutes to adapt to the changes in application loads without capacity evaluation or resource accommodation. Such an architecture is well-suited for database needs in the AI era.

CNEC Global Leap Program: Empowering Industry with Technology

Cloud native is becoming the new oil to fuel the global digital economy. More and more enterprises will build and grow their services on the cloud. Recognizing this trend, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), CAICT, Huawei Cloud jointly founded CNEC in 2020. CNEC aims to address the challenges faced by organizations during cloud migration, utilization, and management. Currently boasting over 200 core members, CNEC has built a comprehensive operational system that supports more than 800 technical managers across various industries, including Internet, finance, logistics, and automotive. The community has also branched out to Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, emphasized the company’s commitment to collaborating with industry organizations like CNCF and CAICT in the AI era. Through technical communities like CNEC, Huawei Cloud aims to connect businesses with the latest global technologies, best practices, and industry trends. This initiative empowers businesses worldwide to harness the potential of cloud native and AI, ultimately achieving the leap to data and AI prowess.

Looking ahead to 2024, CNEC will prioritize the strategic integration of cloud native and AI technologies, an effort to accelerate the global adoption and advancement of AI. During the event, CNEC unveiled its Global Leap Program themed “Leap with Cloud Native x AI”, which will facilitate extensive technical exchanges, in-depth discussions, and pilot practice showcases.

Plaque presented for the CNEC European Branch
Plaque presented for the CNEC European Branch

Furthermore, Huawei Cloud held a plaque presentation ceremony to establish the CNEC European Branch to better serve local organizations. This initiative signifies Huawei Cloud’s commitment to collaborating with customers and partners to expedite the adoption and advances of innovative technologies like cloud native, AI, and database solutions in Europe. Ultimately, this collaborative effort aims to unlock the potential for growth across diverse industries with continuous technological innovation.