Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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CORNEX Launches Mass Production Line for 20-foot 5MWh Battery Energy Storage Container: CORNEX M5

WUHAN, China, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On February 1st, CORNEX New Energy officially commenced mass production of their new generation, CORNEX M5, a 20-foot 5MWh battery energy storage container, at the CORNEX Xiaogan Plant. CORNEX is dedicated to addressing market demand in the “big storage era” by leveraging self-researched technology to enrich diversified scene applications. Through this approach, CORNEX builds comprehensive system advantages and delivers top-tier “CORNEX solutions” for global new energy applications.

CORNEX M5 is empowered by five key advantages, ingeniously achieving a multi-dimensional balance of “enhanced performance, reduced costs, heightened safety, improved efficiency, and broader applicability”. Through its self-researched and self-produced intellectual capabilities, as well as its mature and stable delivery capacity, CORNEX M5 opens a new chapter in the era of 5MWh.

1. More Capacity

CORNEX M5 incorporates a self-developed Juneng π 314Ah energy storage battery cell, boasting a cycle life up to 12,000 cycles and an impressive energy density up to 185Wh/kg. Furthermore, the capacity of the energy storage container has been elevated to 5MWh, achieving a remarkable 49% increase in system volume energy within the same size footprint. The CORNEX R&D team dynamically allocates power based on battery characteristics, optimizing battery dispatch algorithms. Additionally, the design features multi-stage variable-diameter and balanced liquid-cooling piping, effectively enhancing the system cycle life by 20%.

2. More Economical

CORNEX M5 implements a single door design, which efficiently minimizes space requirement resulting in a 32% reduction in floor space. This reduction leads to a 10% decrease in comprehensive operating costs, achieving an optimal balance between capacity and space costs within the standard 20-foot energy storage system footprint.

3. More Safety

CORNEX M5 incorporates a unique safety design, featuring CORNEX’s original “Submerge” battery safety system and module-level fire protection design. This system enables precise fire extinguishing within 3 minutes, ensuring that heat does not spread from the electric cell to the module and pack. The “Submerge” fire protection design is a multi-dimensional system designed to safeguard the system’s safety and stability throughout its lifecycle. Additionally, three explosion-proof 5-in-1 composite detectors are strategically placed on the top of the battery compartment for detection purposes. The system design adheres to the industry’s most stringent standards, such as GB/T 36276, IEC 62619, UL9540A, etc., providing protection for various applications of ESS assets.

4. More Efficiency

CORNEX M5 is equipped with intelligent cluster-level management technology, which manages each cluster individually, eliminating inter-cluster circulation and resulting in high system efficiency. It also features a new generation of high-efficiency liquid-cooling temperature control system, ensuring that the temperature difference within the pack is controlled within 3°C. This not only guarantees stable system operation but also reduces auxiliary power consumption. Furthermore, with the cloud-based health management system, the energy efficiency management strategy is dynamically adjusted, enabling minimalist operation and ensuring high efficiency and safety of the system.

5. More Applications

CORNEX M5 is equipped with a robust protection design, featuring an IP55 level for the entire machine and an IP67 level for the battery pack. It is capable of functioning in a broad temperature range, spanning from -30°C to 60°C. This high-level protection design ensures the equipment’s safety and stability even in cold and high-altitude environments. Furthermore, to effectively adapt to diverse energy storage application scenarios, CORNEX M5 supports various system combinations of centralized and string PCS. This enhanced scalability allows for swift adaptation to the evolving requirements of PCS technology.

Against the backdrop of the global “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” initiative, CORNEX New Energy has strategically established three bases, creating an effective production capacity exceeding 100GWh. Leveraging an experienced R & D team and adopting a high-quality development strategy, the company has successfully achieved a stable market supply. The CORNEX M5-20′ 5MWh battery energy storage container upholds CORNEX New Energy’s guiding principle of “Think More”. It is committed to adopting the optimal solution at every stage, from front-end design and R&D to production and after-sales service. This commitment fully embodies the principles of “enhanced performance, reduced costs, heightened safety, improved efficiency, and broader applicability”, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the overall user experience throughout the product’s lifecycle. We strive to deliver top-notch energy storage solutions to customers both domestically and internationally.