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Cube Exchange Now Supports $TAKI, The Native Token Of Solana’s Biggest Web3 Mobile Gaming Network

SINGAPORE, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Taki Games, the leading social gaming network that allows users to earn real money rewards, announced the official listing of its native Solana- and Polygon-based $TAKI token on Cube Exchange. It represents the first centralized exchange listing for $TAKI since April 2022, when it debuted on both OKX and Gate.

As the industry’s leading mobile, blockchain-based games network, Taki merges highly addictive gameplay with novel tokenomics to provide more lasting value for gamers, with ownership of in-game assets, crypto-based rewards and the ability to trade digital assets on a peer-to-peer marketplace.

The project aims to address the inefficiencies of first-generation play-to-earn games that suffered from poor tokenomics models and poorly aligned incentives. Taki introduces an approach called “Takinomics”, which ensures the stability of its in-game economies, providing greater value to all stakeholders.

Unlike other play-to-earn games, where the tokenomics is based on speculative interest instead of real business fundamentals, Taki’s Takinomics model integrates a buy-and-burn mechanism, acquiring tokens from the open market. In doing this, Taki incentivizes players to generate revenue for its games. This value is then channeled back into the in-game economy through a rewards system that’s underpinned by the $TAKI token.

Taki aims to become the Zynga of blockchain gaming and bring mainstream gamers into the world of Web3, where they become part owners of the games they love and earn tangible rewards for the effort they put into games. Its network is built on Solana, a top-five blockchain for Web3 gaming, and is also supported on Polygon, another key decentralized gaming network. Taki has also partnered with Flowdesk to bring institutional-grade liquidity to its network.

The listing on Cube Exchange is an important milestone. Cube Exchange is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange that’s focused on Solana tokens that sets itself apart with its user-centric approach to asset control. By combining the convenience and user experience of centralized exchanges with multi-party computation custody, off-chain matching and on-chain settlement, it’s uniquely able to overcome the shortcomings of traditional, non-custodial exchange platforms. It makes for a great partnership, with Taki focused on solving the tokenomics problems within Web3 gaming, and Cube Exchange determined to eliminate safety problems in crypto capital markets, as exemplified by the collapse of FTX in late 2022.

In a statement, Taki Games CEO Weiwei Geng said: “We’re excited to see Cube Exchange support $TAKI, which powers cross-chain rewards for Taki Games’ network of mobile games. We’re building the Zynga of Web3 gaming, and driving value back to players through constant buybacks, so it’s crucial to continue to deepen $TAKI’s liquidity, especially with platforms like Cube. The work Cube is doing to make crypto markets safer and more transparent, especially for retail traders, is commendable, and all the more important given the incredible excitement in the Solana ecosystem right now.”

Bartosz Lipiński, Cube Group CEO said his exchange is: “committed to solving safety and trust issues in the crypto industry. Likewise, we’re excited to see projects like Taki Games use TAKI to address economic challenges in the web3 gaming space. Our focus on security and trust, and support for market-leading gaming projects like TAKI will not only benefit our users but also contribute to the overall integrity of crypto markets and web3.”

About Taki Games

Taki Games is on a mission to bring players and revenue on-chain by aligning incentives between gamers. As the leading gaming network for mobile, Taki Games enables loyal players to earn an ownership stake in the growth of the network and share the rewards. Founded by a team with over 15 years of history as pioneers in the gaming industry, Taki Games delivers free-to-play games that reward users with TAKI tokens.

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