Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Everpro Collaborates with SMESCO and Google Indonesia in Elevating MSMEs through Digital Business Workshop: “UMKM Naik Kelas”

Free Website and Landing Page Creation Training Program for MSMEs to be Launched in Major Cities Across Indonesia.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Everpro, a platform providing solutions for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Internet Marketers (Imers), and professional dropshippers, as well as one of a business unit of Evermos, a connected commerce platform, has partnered with SMESCO and Google Indonesia to organize an offline training workshop titled “UMKM Naik Kelas” (MSMEs Uplift) at the beginning of 2024.

Rusdita Bazarrudin (Head of Community and Go-To-Market at Everpro), Wientor Rah Mada (Director of Business and Marketing LLP-KUKM Smesco), and Lyco Adhi Purwoko (Head of Product at Everpro) posed together with participants of the "UMKM Naik Kelas" training in Jakarta, 26 January 2024.
Rusdita Bazarrudin (Head of Community and Go-To-Market at Everpro), Wientor Rah Mada (Director of Business and Marketing LLP-KUKM Smesco), and Lyco Adhi Purwoko (Head of Product at Everpro) posed together with participants of the “UMKM Naik Kelas” training in Jakarta, 26 January 2024.

The free training program, held on January 25-26 2024, at the SMESCO Building Jakarta, was attended by 150 selected MSME participants. The “UMKM Naik Kelas” training program, supported by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs (Kemenkop UKM) as well as SMESCO, with the support of Google Indonesia and Youtube, aims to promote the digitalization and growth of Indonesian MSMEs to a higher level. Overall, the “UMKM Naik Kelas” training program targets 1,500 curated MSME players from across Indonesia.

Since its establishment in 2018, Evermos, as a commerce service company, has been dedicated to empowering thousands of MSMEs and Internet Marketers (Imers) or dropshippers, notably through its business unit, Everpro. The collaboration between Evermos through Everpro and SMESCO Indonesia is a strategic step in realizing Evermos’s vision of developing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Azlan Indra, Co-founder of Everpro, expressed, “Everpro, as a platform that has been striving to empower thousands of MSMEs and Internet Marketers (Imers) from the beginning, welcomes this collaboration. We aim to provide maximum support, not only through educational guidance but also through Everpro’s Landing Page Builder feature, making it easier for MSMEs to create their own websites without the need for coding.”

Lyco Adhi Purwoko, Head of Product at Everpro, explained in his welcome message, “The Product & Tech team at Everpro conducted direct research with MSME players to ensure that the products or features created truly facilitate and provide solutions for MSMEs in creating landing pages in less than 15 minutes.”

At the “UMKM Naik Kelas” training in Jakarta, 150 selected MSME participants were directly guided by Rusdita Bazarrudin, Head of Community and Go-To-Market at Everpro. Participants received training and hands-on practice, accompanied by mentors and facilitators, in creating digital marketing assets such as websites or landing pages, as well as skills in copywriting and creating compelling visual content. The websites or landing pages created can be used by MSMEs to promote their products, especially in the online sales domain, ultimately contributing to the national economy.

“The Landing Page Builder Everpro was first released in October 2023 and has been used as a tool in the UMKM Naik Kelas training from its inception until now. Since its release, the Everpro team has consistently strived for improvements and feature developments. This is evident in the decreasing time for MSME participants to create landing pages in each training session. Eight minutes were achieved in Padang, six minutes in Malang, and during Jakarta training, someone set a record of just three minutes,” Lyco continued.

The next “UMKM Naik Kelas” training will be held in Semarang on January 30, 2024, with 100 selected MSME participants guided by mentor Argo Jati Nugroho, Regional Community Leader at Everpro. Subsequent training sessions are planned for Surabaya in February, followed by Bali and Medan with dates to be announced. Interested MSME participants can follow SMESCO on Instagram (@smescoindonesia) for updates or visit everpro.id to directly explore creating a free landing page for their businesses.

About Everpro

Everpro is a commerce service provider platform which is one of the business units of Evermos. Everpro is committed to being a solution to the problems experienced by MSMEs. Founded in February 2022, currently Everpro provides various services such as Shipping in collaboration with more than 15 expedition services throughout Indonesia, advertising assistance via Facebook & Google Ads Account Support, Marketplace store optimization services, curated product provider services for sales via online channels as well as advanced Funnel and CRM features that can help increase turnover and increase operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Everpro has helped more than 8,000 professional resellers and MSMEs throughout Indonesia, all of whom are members of the Everpro Learning Community, a community for learning and building relationships. Get Everpro services via the application available on the Google Play Store and App Store or via the everpro.id link.

About Evermos

Evermos is a connected commerce platform that empowers local brands and underserved communities by providing a distribution network and commerce services focused on curated products based on Sharia principles. It is also a one-stop platform offering comprehensive support services for entrepreneurs, ranging from local brand owners, resellers, to pro sellers or Internet Marketers (Imers), through one of its business units, Everpro. Various free entrepreneurship training programs are available for anyone within the Evermos reseller network to support their success, regardless of gender, educational background, geographic location, or income level.

Established in November 2018, Evermos has built the largest reseller-based connected commerce network in Indonesia, with over 165,000 active sellers across the country and 1,600 MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) partners. To date, Evermos has received numerous industry awards, including the Forbes Asia 100 to Watch award in the Asia-Pacific region, the UN Women 2022 Indonesian Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) award, Nikkei Awards winner 2024, and membership in the global Endeavor Entrepreneur network. Evermos is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community, an invitation-only group of the most promising startup and scale-up companies worldwide at the forefront of technological innovation and ethical business models.