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GMCC & Welling showcase System-level HVACR Solutions on ACREX 2024, furthering reaches across the globe

GREATER NOIDA, India, Feb. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GMCC & Welling, the core component system solution provider for consumer appliances, brings its latest One-Stop System-level HVACR solutions to ACREX 2024, the largest HVACR and smart building exhibition in South Asia, from Feb 15 to 17, to showcase its solutions in compressors, motors, chips, and valves for household air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, heat pump heating, refrigerators, and washing machines. Thanks to the launch of GMCC Air-Con Compressor Production Base in Pune and the indepth cooperations with major air conditioner manufacturers locally in India, GMCC & Welling are able to drive the local consumer appliance industry to be more efficient, green, low-noise, and intelligent, and contribute to the green and efficiency upgrading of HVACR industry in India and beyond.

GMCC & Welling in ACREX 2024
GMCC & Welling in ACREX 2024

“Targeted for the special climate and market demand in India and South Asia, GMCC & Welling brings with us a variety of air conditioner compressors, motors and solutions that are highly efficient, highly reliable, and low in noise level, to the local market,” introduced Zhang Yuxiang, Director of GMCC & Welling for South Asia, Middle East, and Africa region. “We also have a localized production base in Pune for air-con compressors and a dedicated support team for the local market. We enable our local and global partners to produce high quality end products with our leading R&D capabilities and services competence.”

GMCC & Welling made its presence on ACREX 2024 with a number of industry-leading products in energy efficiency, including GMCC inverter air conditioner compressor and Welling high-efficiency DC motor. The two have attracted huge attention with their innovative and optimized structural design, and efficient and low-noise performance.

  • GMCC Inverter Rotary Compressor for Household Air Conditioners adopts a cost-effective new slot-shaped motor. With the innovative pump structure, it can reduce friction, enhance efficiency, optimize exhaust resistance, and significantly lowers energy consumption and vibration noise through the use of full DC inverter technology, enabling a comfortable and intelligent home temperature control experience. Additionally, GMCC Inverter Scroll Compressor operates in a wide range from 14 to 160 rps for commercial air conditioners, providing higher energy efficiency and reliability for a broader range of applications. For heat pump heating, GMCC Inverter Rotary Compressor uses eco-friendly R290 refrigerant, achieving a maximum outlet water temperature of 75°C.
  • Welling Split BLDC Motor IDU for household air conditioners features a radially arranged internal magnet design with high magnetic flux, increasing utilization efficiency by 30% and enhancing dynamic balance with high quality. Welling Commercial BLDC Motor further improves in size compactness, installation convenience, energy efficiency, and noise level to meet various customized requirements in commercial scenarios.
  • GMCC Refrigerator Compressor Series offers a variety of capabilities, including inverter and fixed-speed options, to meet the refrigeration needs of household refrigerators, commercial refrigerators, and automobile refrigerators. For example, GMCC Inverter Compressor for Light Commercial Product employs environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant. It is equipped with a highly efficient all-copper drive motor and an optimized electronic control system, with enhanced multidimensional hardware to improve energy efficiency, cooling capacity, and reliability.

GMCC & Welling in ACREX 2024
GMCC & Welling in ACREX 2024

As the economy and residential income grow, there is trenmendous potential in the Indian household air conditioning market. GMCC & Welling will actively push forward its strategy of “In India, for Indiaand continuously invest in the Indian manufacturing base and the building of local team to better serve customers of end products and end users.

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