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Huawei Cloud Stack Takes Thailand by Storm with Cutting-Edge Features and Unmatched Security

BANGKOK, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. held an event highlighting its Huawei Cloud Stack technology and its use in providing secure and trustworthy cloud services to local data centers serving enterprise markets. Huawei’s continued dedication towards this important technology is underpinned by its slogan “Huawei Cloud Stack: the preferred cloud for intelligent upgrade”, aligning with the company’s “In Thailand, for Thailand” mission and commitment to providing the latest technology solutions to enhance Thailand’s transformation into a future digital hub of ASEAN.

Mr. Victor Luo, Solution Architect Director of Huawei Cloud Thailand gave a speech at the Huawei Cloud TechDay Thailand 2024 event.
Mr. Victor Luo, Solution Architect Director of Huawei Cloud Thailand gave a speech at the Huawei Cloud TechDay Thailand 2024 event.

The Huawei Cloud TechDay Thailand 2024 event was held at the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai, Bangkok, under the theme “Huawei Cloud Stack: The Preferred Cloud for Intelligent Upgrade”. The goal of the event was to enable greater applications of Cloud technology in Thailand as it has quickly become a necessary IT infrastructure for thousands of industries, with Hybrid Cloud now widely used by enterprises because of its many advantages, such as flexible deployment, low cost, maximum integration of existing assets, and service innovation. The event was joined by over 30 of Huawei’s local partners who collectively aim to strengthen Thailand’s Cloud ecosystem together.

Mr. Victor Luo, Solution Architect Director of Huawei Cloud Thailand, spoke at the event: “Governments and enterprises today require services such as AI and big data to support a range of application innovations. Cloud computing can rapidly iterative architecture that can meet the new business needs of a range of enterprises. During sudden business peaks, however, single-form cloud resources are limited and may not be able to achieve real-time business load. With our Huawei Cloud Stack approach, we are providing an effective solution to the problem, allowing synchronicity with high-end services such as databases, big data, and AI.”

Leadership in Technology

The strength of Huawei Cloud Stack lies in Huawei’s leveraging of cloud and data innovation as well as the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and continuous cloud service evolution. Through this technology leadership, data repositories can be made intelligent, improving analysis efficiency by 30%, and integration of data and asset reutilization can maximize data values, with enterprise-grade container services being 100% compatible with open-source K8s. In addition, Huawei Cloud Stack can act as a one-stop AI platform that enables industrial scale AI development and provides rich scenario-based AI algorithm capabilities, with the full lifecycle management of AI development, deployment, and operation being possible as well.

Mr. Johnny Lu, International Business Director, Huawei Hybrid Cloud gave a speech at Huawei Cloud TechDay Thailand 2024 event.
Mr. Johnny Lu, International Business Director, Huawei Hybrid Cloud gave a speech at Huawei Cloud TechDay Thailand 2024 event.

Security and Trustworthiness

Huawei Cloud Stack’s solid cloud-native foundation enables effective disaster recovery without the need for rearchitecting, enabling enterprises to protect, recover, and restore data and applications reliably and safely. A comprehensive security architecture, complete with permission controls, also provides seven layers of protection and 10 times higher operational efficiency. In addition, Huawei’s vast industry experience and market presence means that industry-specific solutions have also been consolidated for better cloud implementation and protection.

Currently, Huawei Cloud Stack has served more than 5,200 government and enterprise customers in 150 countries around the world, including 800 e-government clouds, 300 financial institutions, and 70 Fortune Global 500 enterprises. In Asia Pacific, it has been successfully applied to more than 200 government and enterprise clouds, covering government, finance, carriers, and large enterprises.

Leader in Cloud and AI

Equipped with a robust portfolio of innovative AI technologies, extensive industry know-how, and exceptional customer service, Huawei Cloud Stack is fully prepared to support Thai enterprises to unleash digital and make Thailand the premiere digital hub in the region. This includes support from Huawei’s localized service teams covering over 80 professional services for customers and brands to deploy as needed. Today, Huawei Cloud now ranks first in the leader’s quadrant and leads the market in three separate capabilities, demonstrating its hybrid cloud leadership status in the emerging Asia-Pacific region.

Previously, Huawei Cloud has already partnered with Thailand’s Government Data Center and Cloud Service (GDCC) and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand (MDES) to assist in data collection and strengthen the operational efficiency of Thailand’s digital government. Huawei also cooperated with Siriraj Hospital, the largest public hospital in Thailand, to build a unified IT infrastructure through Huawei Cloud Stack, implementing flexible expansion and optimization of IT services through a unified architecture. In addition, Huawei Cloud and Thailand’s National Telecommunications Corporation (NT) built a national e-Government cloud based on Huawei Cloud Stack to provide localized and full-stack hybrid cloud capabilities to serve multiple government departments and provide better public service capabilities.

Through constant reiteration and sustained investments in local cloud architecture ecosystems and infrastructure, Huawei has become the preferred choice for Thailand’s Government and enterprises for intelligent upgrade with its hybrid, public, and private cloud services, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to Thailand and fostering high-quality growth by ‘Leading Everyone Forward and Leaving No One Behind’.

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