Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Huawei Digital Finance: Resilience Must be Redefined to Boost Intelligence

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At MWC Barcelona 2024,Huawei hosted a Digital Finance Session. Jason Cao, Huawei’s CEO of Digital Finance BU emphasized that resilience is the foundation for everything, and elaborated how to build the infrastructure resilience in the intelligent era.

Jason Cao, CEO of Digital Finance BU, Huawei
Jason Cao, CEO of Digital Finance BU, Huawei

Resilience boosts intelligence. In the digital world, all changes pose new challenges to resilience. We must redefine and consolidate resilience to better achieve non-stop banking: ensure zero downtime and high availability of financial services, deliver a zero-wait user experience, achieve zero-touch operation while ensuring zero-trust service and data security, and eventually accelerate the development of intelligence.

Zero Downtime

To achieve Zero Downtime, Huawei has not only upgraded the MAS architecture, but also delivered successful practices in distributed databases. Moreover, Huawei has developed a next-generation distributed database called GaussDB, which was officially announced to global finance today. It boasts seven features including high availability, high security, high performance, high intelligence, high elasticity, easy deployment, and easy migration that make it an ideal choice for the financial industry to move towards zero downtime.

Zero Touch

Huawei Autonomous Driving Network has been enhanced from 1-3-5 to 0-1-3-5 (“0” means “0 Human Errors”), helping finance adopt Zero Touch operations.

Digital Map is the most important capability, which was upgraded based on Cloud-Map Algorithms and Digital Twins. It leverages large AI models to visualize the correlation and changes of networks, traffic, and applications in real time. The result is a network digital twin simulation, which ensures zero change errors.

Zero Trust

Huawei keeps improving product security to ensure fast attack detection, virus isolation, and data recovery, and has provided the industry’s first multi-layer ransomware protection solution. This solution employs network firewalls to detect viruses and a storage air-gap to isolate them in seconds, thereby preventing intrusions promptly.

In addition, Huawei has upgraded the OceanProtect integrated backup solution. The large-scale parallel algorithms help customers recover services immediately.

Zero Wait

Huawei Data Intelligence Solution combines an all-serverless architecture with data lakehouse and data-AI convergence, which provides extremely strong real-time capability, especially for data warehouses. It is an ideal choice to build a zero-wait experience.

In a word, Huawei hopes to redefine and consolidate resilience with customers to better achieve non-stop banking.