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Huawei Releases National Cloud 2.0 Powered by Huawei Cloud Stack to Help Governments Achieve Digital Visions

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At MWC 2024, Huawei officially released the National Cloud 2.0 solution worldwide. Huawei aims to help government organizations around the world accelerate national digital transformation and promote intelligence.

Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, said: “Global digital transformation has reached a new stage of full intelligence driven by data and AI. The National Cloud 2.0 solution from Huawei provides trusted cloud infrastructure, innovative cloud services, and extensive industry know-how. We aim to help governments achieve national digital visions faster.”

The National Cloud 2.0 Solution Has Been Officially Released
The National Cloud 2.0 Solution Has Been Officially Released

Today, more than 170 countries and regions have announced digital transformation strategies. As innovative technologies like AI models see more widespread adoption, the digital transformation of government customers is reaching a new stage. Previously, government customers were focused on moving their applications to various clouds. Now, they are seeking data- and AI-driven industry intelligence. They look to leverage digital and intelligent technologies to empower smart city governance, better government services, and greater economic growth.

To help national and regional governments accelerate digitalization and intelligent upgrade, Huawei released the National Cloud 2.0 solution. This solution is backed by Huawei’s ICT innovation and robust experience driving digital transformation for customers and partners around the world. It provides trusted cloud infrastructure, innovative cloud services, and extensive industry know-how, helping governments achieve their national digital visions faster:

  • Trusted cloud infrastructure: Huawei has been continuously investing in fundamental technologies of software and hardware for years. Huawei has established secure, reliable, and open cloud native infrastructure and provides green, low-carbon IT hardware and cloud-native infrastructure. Huawei aims to lay a robust foundation for national digital transformation of government customers.
  • Innovative cloud services: Huawei leverages data and AI technologies to provide innovative cloud services, aiming to help government customers unleash data value and establish data sovereignty.
  • Extensive industry know-how: Huawei provides a series of professional services including high-level design, service planning, deliveries, and implementation, all backed by extensive experience with numerous global projects. Huawei looks forward to working with more industry partners in the future and to accelerating national digital transformation for government customers around the world.

Huawei Cloud Stack Powers National Cloud 2.0 with Four Innovative Capabilities

Huawei National Cloud 2.0 is powered by Huawei Cloud Stack, a hybrid cloud solution. While being deployed on-premises, Huawei Cloud Stack is able to continuously synchronize cloud services from the Huawei public cloud. It also shares the same ecosystem with the Huawei public cloud. Government customers can leverage its four innovative capabilities to build secure, trusted, intelligent national clouds:

  • Secure, reliable cloud native infrastructure: Huawei Cloud Stack provides high availability for cloud services. Applications can achieve intra-city active-active and remote disaster recovery without being re-architected. SecMaster and a broad set of security services help government customers easily meet compliance requirements. Fine-grained, multi-level cloud management is tailored to organizational structures of governments. Also, Huawei Cloud Stack provides an open ecosystem that is highly compatible with mainstream hardware and operating systems as well as third-party applications.
  • Pangu Models for one-stop creation of tailored AI models: Huawei Cloud Stack is the industry’s first hybrid cloud that can be used to deploy AI models. It provides the most complete AI production chain in the industry, which lowers the barriers to entry when building AI models. Huawei Cloud Stack also supports cross-cloud training and multi-cloud deployment of AI models. In addition, Huawei Cloud Stack provides tens of industry-specific solutions to help government customers quickly build their own AI models.
  • A converged data lake that promotes data sharing: Huawei Cloud Stack provides full-lifecycle management of government data. The data governance efficiency will be improved by 10 fold. Huawei Cloud Stack uses FusionInsight MRS to establish an integrated big data platform. The platform enables real-time import of government data into lakes and promotes cross-source, cross-domain, cross-warehouse collaboration. This will improve the analysis efficiency by 50 fold.
  • A distributed cloud database with high performance and availability: Huawei Cloud GaussDB, a distributed cloud database, leverages many new technologies to provide high availability, security, performance, scalability, and intelligence. It offers an easy deployment experience and allows for smooth data migration from other databases. GaussDB provides a better database choice for customers around the world.

Take a Leap to National Digital Transformation Together with Huawei Cloud Stack

With innovative technologies and numerous industry-specific solutions, Huawei Cloud Stack serves more than 5,200 government and enterprise customers around the world. Huawei Cloud Stack is a leader in multiple markets, such as the hybrid cloud markets in China and emerging Asia Pacific. More than 20 national and regional governments have joined hands with Huawei to build national clouds and accelerate national digital transformation.

With a cloud platform and services like Al Cortex, provided by Huawei Cloud Stack, NAS Cloud in Egypt deployed a national data center and national DRaaS and Al innovation platforms, enhancing data security, promoting data sharing, and elevating government services. They aim to create fully connected, intelligent government services for Egypt.

National Telecom Public Company Limited (NT), in Thailand, established a national cloud using Huawei Cloud Stack. Huawei Cloud Stack, an on-premises hybrid cloud, provides a broad set of cloud services. With Huawei Cloud Stack, the national cloud provides extensive cloud services for multiple government organizations in Thailand. It has taken the government’s public services to the next level.

Uzbekistan deployed a secure, reliable national cloud using Huawei Cloud Stack. The national cloud provides a nationwide e-government system. It also provides multi-level virtual data centers (VDCs) to match the organizational structure of Uzbekistan ministries. Fine-grained cloud resource management is supported. The national cloud now provides more than 447 public services for 4.5 million users throughout Uzbekistan.

Digital transformation gains momentum around the world. It has reached a new stage, driven by lightning development of cloud and AI. Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to make sustained investments and will join hands with more customers and partners around the world to dive deep into cloud and accelerate national digital transformation.