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Join Auden at MWC 2024: Fostering an Open, Sustainable Future of 6G Networks

Antenna expert to demo state-of-the-art high-frequency millimeter wave antenna technology already used by major telecoms providers, along with solution for advancing signal coverage capabilities in FR2 & FR3

TAIPEI, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Auden Group, an industry-leading antenna and connectivity solutions provider, is announcing it will attend MWC 2024 (Booth #5J64, February 26-29, Barcelona) and hold live demos on-site of its most advanced millimeter wave (mmWave) antenna technologies, along with showcasing new solutions supporting openness, interoperability, and sustainability of high-speed networks.

Auden 2024MWC
Auden 2024MWC

Join Auden at Hall 5 Booth #5J64 at MWC 2024 to experience state-of-the-art Beyond 5G antenna technologies.

Auden has a proven history of developing antenna technologies that play a significant role in various aspects of Beyond 5G (B5G) non-terrestrial networks (NTN) — covering low-earth orbit satellites (LEO), 5G private networks, connected vehicles (V2X), direct to cell, and maritime communications. At MWC 2024, the brand is demonstrating how its leading-edge technological capabilities are unleashing new possibilities for the connectivity and telecommunications industries on the journey to 6G.

Key highlights at Auden’s booth include:

  • Live demos of 39 GHz antenna to show new possibilities for performance at high frequencies: Already used by major telecoms carriers, Auden’s 39G (39 GHz) antenna-in-module (AIM) solution delivers 256-QAM modulation and the highest bandwidth at the highest frequency band in 5G commercial wireless networks — even outperforming the high standards established by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), an international mobile broadband standards consortium.
  • Live demos of solution for stronger, more reliable FR2 & FR3 signals: Major challenges with the high frequencies of Frequency Range 2 (FR2) and FR3 are path loss and directional errors, particularly over long distances. Auden has a RIS (Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface) solution for this and is also holding live demos of it on its 28G (28 GHz) AIM. Thanks for Keysight advance test equipment to prove auden’s best performance phase array antenna design can achieve 1024QAM in 3% EVM, over industry standard today. 
  • Fostering an O-RAN ecosystem of openness and interoperability: Openness and interoperability of high-speed networks ultimately can benefit users the most and help address the digital divide. Auden’s subsidiary Auray OTIC and Security Lab contributes to the Open RAN Alliance as a third-party, Taiwan-based test laboratory focusing on communication technology with cross-disciplinary expansion and integration services. Auray is unveiling several new cutting-edge tools for antenna makers and network providers to test and verify compliance with O-RAN standards.
  • Accelerating sustainability and energy saving in networks: Auray Technology Corp is also launching similar tools for the connectivity industry to test and verify energy efficiency of antennae, as well as a tool to monitor antenna power consumption in real time.

Please visit MWC Hall 5 Booth #5J64 for more info or stay tuned for full details unveiled on February 26.

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