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KEENON Robotics and Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd. Join Hands to Introduce Advanced Service Robotics in Hong Kong and Macau

HONG KONG, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — KEENON Robotics, a global leader in robotic services and solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd., a subsidiary of Konica Minolta Inc. This collaboration brings forth a diverse range of service robot models, including the KEENON DINERBOT T10, T9 Pro, T9, T8, T3, GUIDERBOT G2 and BUTLERBOT W3, aimed at redefining operational efficiency and customer experiences in Hong Kong and Macau. This distributor partnership, formalized through a business cooperation agreement, signifies the exclusive distributorship of DINERBOT T10, with the signing ceremony taking place at the Konica Minolta Hong Kong office at the AIRSIDE in Kai Tak.

Mr. Robert Ip, Managing Director at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd (left) and Mr. Gary Liao, Senior Vice President, International Business at KEENON Robotics (right) with DINERBOT T10
Mr. Robert Ip, Managing Director at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd (left) and Mr. Gary Liao, Senior Vice President, International Business at KEENON Robotics (right) with DINERBOT T10

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in KEENON’s expansion, bringing cutting-edge service robotics poised to elevate customer experiences across industries. Renowned for its smart enterprise solutions, Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd. will serve as the distributor for KEENON’s advanced indoor delivery robots in Hong Kong and Macau. By bringing together both companies, this collaboration addresses the growing demand for intelligent automation solutions in sectors like hospitality, retail, healthcare, and more, emphasizing their commitment to transforming the landscape of indoor deliveries for businesses.

With the aim of addressing the pressing challenges faced by businesses, these state-of-the-art robots promise to transform the service sector, offering unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and engagement. From streamlining food and beverage services to optimizing indoor deliveries, each robot is meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises, setting a new standard for intelligent automation solutions.

The DINERBOT T10, designed specifically for hospitality service, boasts features ensuring efficiency. With an open-design large-capacity tray, seamless meal retrieval with tray detection, and impressive motion control performance, the robot’s elevated chassis enables stable liquid delivery and navigation through narrow passages, with a minimum clearance of just 59cm. Additionally, the DINERBOT T10 features a 23.8-inch large screen supporting custom image and video playback for advertisements. Its flexible movable head showcases unique facial expressions, and the multi-modal design integrating voice, touch, and vision provides agility and engagement. Head accessories are customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the robot to individual preferences.

“We are thrilled to partner with KEENON Robotics in the service robot business,” commented Mr. Robert Ip, Managing Director at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd. “In post-pandemic era, with customers facing the issue of manpower shortage, we believe our Robotics Solution is a way out.  KEENON’s commitment to innovation aligns with our vision of delivering great new technologies to businesses. By integrating various solutions with robots, we look forward to enabling organizations to unlock new levels of efficiency and provide exceptional customer experiences.”

“We are excited to join forces with Konica Minolta, ushering in a new era of advanced service robotics,” expressed Mr. Gary Liao, Senior Vice President, International Business at KEENON Robotics. “Leveraging Konica Minolta’s expertise, rich history, and extensive market reach will play a crucial role in broadening our footprint and bringing innovative robotic solutions to a larger audience of customers and end-users. Together, our goal is to reshape the landscape of indoor deliveries, fostering operational efficiency enhancements for our valued customers.”

For more information and press inquiries, please contact global@keenon.com or visit www.keenon.com/en/.

About KEENON Robotics:

A global leader in commercial service robots and solutions, KEENON Robotics has been at the forefront of the advanced service robot market since 2010. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies in robotics and cloud computing, the company is trusted by businesses worldwide. KEENON Robotics is dedicated to creating value, fostering innovation, and contributing to industry growth across various sectors.

About Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd.:

As a subsidiary of Konica Minolta Inc., Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd. offers a diverse range of smart business solutions, including Professional Printing Solutions, Robotic Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Digital Workplace, Cloud Services, IT Services, and Business Process Outsourcing Services to meet the dynamic needs of Hong Kong enterprises.