Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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New Platform TokenReady Simplifies Token Launches for Web3 Startups

NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TokenReady, a new platform launched today by the team at token vesting provider Hedgey Finance, greatly simplifies the process of preparing for and launching tokens.

TokenReady is a one-stop shop for the myriad needs of a token launch, packaging key resources, workflows, and service providers at each stage of the process to reduce the time and cost burdens that new Web3 companies face. Over the past year, the Hedgey Finance team has worked closely with dozens of startups to handle their token vesting and lockups.

“In speaking with these teams, we’ve seen firsthand the immense time, money, and coordination required for a successful token launch,” said Alex Michelsen, Co-founder of Hedgey Finance. “TokenReady was built to simplify each step so that innovative teams can focus more on building their world-changing products and platforms.”

Hedgey Finance has powered the token vesting and release schedules for several leading Web3 organizations including Arbitrum DAO, Celo Foundation, Gitcoin, Treasure DAO, and many more. By launching TokenReady, the Hedgey Finance team aims to share its expertise even earlier in the token lifecycle.

TokenReady consolidates vital resources, experts, and tools into a centralized hub for each phase of preparation. This eliminates the complex coordination previously required to piece together services from many providers. Teams can now seamlessly progress from initial planning and structure, to investor and community outreach, to final audits and launch.

Hedgey also maintains a library of reference content, available free of charge, to assist organizations in navigating the complexities of token launches, including comprehensive guides on legal entity structures, tax implications, how to manage token communities, and much more.

About Hedgey Finance: Hedgey Finance is the leading provider of on-chain token vesting, lockup, and management solutions, offered through a unified platform. Hedgey empowers organizations at all stages — from pre-token to unicorn status — giving companies access to critical tools for aligning incentives across stakeholders, governing token distributions, and driving sustainable growth.

To learn more about TokenReady, visit TokenReady.io, and follow on X at @tokenreadyio for the latest updates.

Media contact: Press@hedgey.finance