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NIKO-SEM: AI PCs, NEVs to Shine in 2024

TAIPEI, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic drove an unprecedented surge in demand for the personal computer (PC) market when the world turned to remote work and learning during 2020 to 2022. However, the market became saturated as everyone returned to face-to-face classes and work over the past year or so. Nevertheless, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI) transitioning from the cloud to personal devices has sparked a new wave of interest in AI PCs, positioning them as catalysts for the next upgrade cycle.

The NIKO-SEM SFT PACK series clinched the coveted title of "Asia Best Power Semiconductor of the Year" at the 2023 EE Awards Asia.
The NIKO-SEM SFT PACK series clinched the coveted title of “Asia Best Power Semiconductor of the Year” at the 2023 EE Awards Asia.

Specializing in PC products such as motherboards, laptops, tablets, and peripheral power devices, NIKO Semiconductor is well-prepared to capitalize on this trend by aggressively entering the AI PC power management components market.

According to Alex Leng, Associate Manager, Power Module Business Division at NIKO-SEM, major processor manufacturers in the PC domain, such as Intel and Qualcomm, have released chipsets specifically designed for AI PCs. Microsoft is also expected to embed GPT-3 directly into Microsoft 365, suggesting that AI PCs could redefine the “communications” between traditional PCs and users. In line with this, user interfaces (UIs) might shift from keyboards and mice to voice commands, and developers may create applications that were previously unattainable on traditional PCs, enticing consumers to upgrade—a boon for the AI PC market.

Compute Power

The crucial aspect of AI PCs lies in their computational power, and Leng points out that power components are essential to achieving the required computing capabilities. NIKO-SEM, being a major supplier of power components for leading PC brands, stands out in providing the necessary power components.

While the initial AI PC power architecture may not undergo significant changes, the demand for power components is expected to increase due to higher power requirements. However, as next-generation AI PCs demand cost-effectiveness and power component efficiency improves, the need for power components might decrease. Leng says if AI servers or PCs transition to a 48V DC architecture in the future, it could become a significant opportunity for NIKO-SEM.

Expanding into NEVs, Renewable Energy

Considering the fluctuations in the PC market, NIKO-SEM—with over 25 years’ worth of experience and expertise in the power market—is diversifying into other sectors such as new energy vehicles (NEVs), energy conservation and storage, and applications related to new energy. According to Leng, the continued development of applications related to renewable energy and NEVs is providing ample opportunities for power electronics in these sectors.

The company supplies traditional power components for motor drive modules and in-vehicle systems, including A/V entertainment systems and touch panels. Leng emphasizes that NIKO-SEM has been consistently focusing on R&D for the automotive power market and is currently in the process of obtaining automotive certifications for their products.

Product Recognition

NIKO-SEM’s SFT PACK series of SiC modules received the Best Power Semiconductor of the Year award at the recent EE Awards Asia 2023.

Leng highlights the strengths of the SFT PACK series, such as the isolation voltage of the package itself of over 2kV. Additionally, the series adopts a unique insulated packaging design, allowing the heat sink to be directly coated with thermal paste during assembly. This effectively controls additional thermal resistance differences during assembly, enabling the efficient performance of the chip and achieving high conversion efficiency.

Leng says being recognized at EE Awards Asia underscores NIKO-SEM’s product achievements, acknowledges the contributions of the R&D team, and reflects the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in its field. Such honors inspire employee morale, enhance company reputation, and attract more business opportunities. In line with this, the company plans to launch a series of power modules to meet diverse application needs in the future.

*EE Awards Asia is organized by EE Times Taiwan