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ROHM Releases “Stories of Manufacturing” Short Films Highlighting Unique Approach to Semiconductor Manufacturing

KYOTO, Japan, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — 

– Unveiling Secrets to Manufacturing High-quality Products Continuously –

ROHM Co., Ltd. has announced the recent release of a series of short films, titled “Stories of Manufacturing,” on its official website and YouTube channel.

The videos tell the story of ROHM’s manufacturing system that provides customers with high-quality semiconductor products along with the joys and struggles of ROHM’s dedicated people who work passionately to achieve this. Previously untold topics are explored, including the challenges of building next-generation production lines and analog IC core factories, craftsmanship that supports quality, and the development of analog devices. What’s more, in April 2024, ROHM plans to release a video about next-generation power semiconductors.

ROHM will continue to work together as a group to ensure superior quality while contributing to achieving a sustainable society.



Short film:

About “Stories of Manufacturing”
ROHM believes that the most important way to become a company preferred by customers and stakeholders around the world is to manufacture products based on its Company Mission of “Quality First.”

In the “Stories of Manufacturing” series, ROHM interviews developers about their passion for manufacturing and behind-the-scenes stories of projects, focusing on key words such as Quality First and Vertically Integrated Manufacturing System to unravel secrets for consistently providing quality products.

“Stories of Manufacturing” series:
-How well can we use data? This is where skill comes in. — Quality Division Analysis Center
-The first in the industry, which was a challenge in itself. — Developing Flexible Lines
-For everyone who loves music. The Birth of MUS-IC — Audio Device Development
-Transforming ROHM’s unique “strengths” into “trust” — Wafer Production Process
-Endless struggle against invisible noise — EMC Countermeasure Design

The videos are posted below:


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