Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Seraphim Launches Its Brand IP “Freeman” – A New Icon for Innovation and Sustainability

CHANGZHOU, China, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On February 2, 2024, Seraphim Energy Group unveils its latest brand creation, the introduction of its brand IP character, Freeman. This significant move in brand identity marks the advent of a new and vibrant phase for Seraphim.


Seraphim Brand IP Premiere

Freeman radiates vitality and wisdom, embodying the spirit of freedom and innovation that characterizes Seraphim. With the image of a pony freely galloping across the vast world, Freeman signifies the company’s commitment to openness and creativity. The resilient and brave traits of Freeman also mirror Seraphim’s professional competence and proactive approach. The overall image of this IP character encapsulates Seraphim’s vision of “Shifting the future, making the world a better place,” aligning seamlessly with the corporate culture that integrates sustainability, humanity, and economic benefits.

'Freeman' - Seraphim Brand IP Character
‘Freeman’ – Seraphim Brand IP Character

This introduction of Freeman stands as a significant milestone in Seraphim’s ongoing brand development journey. Each member of Seraphim resonates with Freeman’s spirit, embodying an enterprising and determined attitude, contributing substantially to the progress of the solar industry and a greener world. Serving as a communicative bridge with the outside world, Freeman reinforces Seraphim’s commitment to an open and appealing brand image.

As a global frontrunner in the solar industry, Seraphim consistently delivers sustainable and efficient renewable energy solutions to its global clients. Leveraging Freeman’s image as a medium, Seraphim is resolute in augmenting its brand influence and propelling ongoing innovation within the renewable energy industry.