Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Shandong Liaocheng Power Supply Company of State Grid: “manual inspection + intelligent monitoring” to ensure that “coal to electricity” electricity consumption during the Spring Festival is worry free

LIAOCHENG, China, Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On February 1, Pang Jinhu and Xue Ruiguo, employees of Shandong Liaocheng Power Supply Company of State Grid, were conducting infrared temperature measurement and inspection of the 10kV Jin-Zhao line in Liaocheng City.

The 10kV Jin-Zhao line undertakes the power supply of 44 “coal to electricity” public transformers in Zhaopan Village, Xuying Town, Liaocheng High-tech Zone, and 11 surrounding villages. This year, the Company has just completed the “coal to electricity” supporting power grid transformation project in these 11 villages.

In order to ensure that residents spend the winter warm during the Spring Festival, Shandong Liaocheng Power Supply Company of State Grid has adopted the mode of “manual inspection + intelligent monitoring” to ensure that 155,300 “coal to electricity” users in the city spend the winter warm.

Zhu Jianfeng introduced that the Company organized employees to conduct special inspections of “coal to electricity” lines and equipment with large load, and to timely report the inspection situation. The Power Supply Service Command Center checks the line and equipment load data and equipment abnormalities from the “Power Supply Service Command System” according to the feedback, and strengthens the special monitoring and special screen monitoring of abnormal operation such as heavy overload and low voltage.

During the Spring Festival, the Company also organized all units to cooperate with village committees and neighborhood committees to carry out “grid” service guarantee. Customer managers in villages responded to customer demands 24 hours a day, took the initiative to conduct on-site services, made every effort to ensure power supply and allow residents to spend the winter warm.

At present, the Company’s 405 10kV “coal to electricity” lines are running normally, and there is no impact on residential electric heating.