Friday, July 19, 2024
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State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company Improve its Quality and Efficiency to Help Work Resumption

ZIBO, China, Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “The temperature of the low-voltage switch in the Electricity Distribution Room 2 is qualified with A phase at 22.5 ℃, B phase at 21.2℃ and C phase at 21.2℃ as well.” Six kiln productions line of Shandong Heishan Glass Group was under full operation on February 18th, so State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company sent its staffs for Door-to-Door (DTD) services of electricity inspections to ensure the normal delivery of a new batch of products ready to go abroad.

Enterprises started to resume work gradually with the Spring Festival Holiday coming to an end. Liu Pengsheng, an analysis and management specialist at the Digital Department of State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company, said “The average daily electricity consumption has shown a rapid growth of 10% month on month with the most significant in electrical machine and equipment manufacturing as well as automobile manufacturing reaching 69.53% and 45.38% respectively from the electricity consumption data after the holiday.”

In order to guarantee the safety and reliability of electricity for that, State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company actively carried out DTD services, implementing grid-based services for major customers to offer targeted power supply services such as electricity inspection and fee analysis for the industrial one in the area under its jurisdiction and guiding them to optimize electricity consumption plans aimed at continuously improve their satisfaction and the sense of gain for electricity. “24-hour Electricity Manager” is innovated which allowed more than 1,000 major consumers to join over 5,000 WeChat groups as a way to meet their electricity demands of all kinds 24/7.

Shandong Shenchi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise for truck components. It received an order from China Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. to deliver a batch of fifth wheel for truck at the first workday after the holiday. The staff of the Zichuan Customer Power Supply Center (managed by State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company) immediately came to its help to replace the switch with abnormal temperature in Workshop 2 to ensure the reliable power supply for its production and operation after receiving related message from the WeChat group when it was full scheduled.

New year indicates a new start. Major provincial and municipal projects are resumed to inspiring construction. State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company has set up a full follow-up service mechanism exclusive to customer managers of those projects. The electricity demand of 123 major projects was understood and the capacity of grid carrying and resource allocation was improved in advance to ensure timely electricity delivery for them by conducting a service and visit activity.

The production line of digital intelligent medical gloves with annual output of 100 of Shandong Ruibang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. entered the pre-commissioning stage on February 19th. It has been included in the major project of Shandong Province in 2024 and is planned to be put into operation in March 2024. Zhu Qing, the customer manager of Gaoxin Power Supply Center (managed by State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company), came here on that day to conduct a comprehensive check of the pad mounted and power supply equipment in the workshop so as to guarantee the smooth operation of the production line. Previously, State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company proposed and optimized a power supply plan to connect the power source from pole 39 of the 10kV water plant line nearest to the project, which naturally extends it to the red line of the customer’s project planning to offer reliable power supply for its production in line with its electricity demand.

State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company has connected with more than 1,340 enterprises resuming work online and offline and handled business for 124 projects with new electricity demand so far.