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ThunderSoft Showcased Smart Device Innovation Solutions at MWC2024

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ThunderSoft, a world leading OS products and technologies provider, unveiled innovative smart device products and solutions at MWC2024. These cutting-edge solutions are powered by the latest intelligent IoT operating system, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to unlock a multitude of new functions and significantly enhance the user experience of smart devices.

With a seamless integration of new IoT technology, AI, edge computing, cloud computing, and other advanced technologies at the operating system level, ThunderSoft has achieved unparalleled system optimization across various computing platforms. This enables customized system tailoring, algorithm optimization, and effortless model deployment on a wide range of smart devices, including earbuds, speakers, PCs, and AR glasses. As a result, it facilitates smooth human-device interaction based on natural language and fosters personalized interaction between devices and spaces, ushering in a whole new era of intelligent experiences for smart devices.

Rubik AI Earbuds Solution

ThunderSoft has integrated the Rubik LLM with earbuds, allowing users to benefit from natural language understanding, multi-turn chat, and content generation capabilities. This integration enables AI-powered voice assistance, enhancing efficiency for users. The Rubik LLM, when optimized through cloud-based models, has demonstrated impressive performance in earbuds.

Rubik AI PC Solution

As Qualcomm, Intel, and AMD launching PC chips with higher computing power, the hardware foundation for AI PCs is ready. Therefore, system performance and software applications smoothness become more important battlefields for OEMs to create product differentiations. With optimized on-device model sizes, cross-platform capabilities, pre-integrated coding assistance Rubik Studio and other on-device LLM applications, the Rubik AI PC solution enables OEMs to quickly launch AI PCs with comprehensive functions and superior performance.

Rubik AR Assistant Solution

AR glasses provide excellent hardware carriers for multimodal models, equipped with rich peripherals such as cameras, displays, microphones, and various sensors, enabling the perception and presentation of multidimensional data. ThunderSoft integrates vision model, language model, and voice model with AR glasses to create personalized intelligent AR assistant that can be applied in sales, tourism, sports, and other scenarios.

With its proven expertise in providing smart device solutions and customization services, ThunderSoft is capable of achieving deep customization on operating system, accelerating the deployment of artificial intelligence, edge computing and cloud computing technologies in a wide range of scenarios, and enabling smart device innovations.

About ThunderSoft

ThunderSoft, a well-known intelligent operating system products and technologies provider, has been continuously accumulating and innovating in the operating system field, with its business expanding gradually from smart phone to smart vehicle, AIOT and smart industries.