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TIER IV launches L4 RIDE to boost rollout of autonomous bus services

TOKYO, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TIER IV, a pioneer in open-source autonomous driving (AD) technology, is excited to unveil L4 RIDE, a solution designed to assist local governments and transportation operators in delivering autonomous bus services. From initial setup to ongoing service operations, including hardware, software and regulatory compliance, L4 RIDE will address challenges such as driver shortages and regional development, facilitating the rollout of AD technologies throughout Japan.

The Japanese government aims to have autonomous vehicles running in over 50 locations by 2025 and over 100 locations by 2027. Meticulous planning is required at each stage when launching AD services, from conceptual design, proof of concept (PoC) tests and verification procedures, through to considerations regarding technology and societal acceptance, and ultimately culminating in full-scale operation. L4 RIDE offers end-to-end support, encompassing everything from risk assessments, 3D mapping, viability testing, initial PoC tests to hardware and software maintenance and updates during service operations, along with obtaining Level 4 certification.

As part of efforts to expand the deployment of AD services, TIER IV launched the white-label vehicle solution, fanfare, in June 2023. This strategy aims to bolster the stability of AD service operations by combining the strengths of fanfare and L4 RIDE to streamline vehicle maintenance and updates to software and hardware.

TIER IV obtained Level 4 certification at a site in Greater Tokyo in October 2023, marking a significant milestone in the spread of AD services. In the same fiscal year, TIER IV conducted PoC tests in various locations across Japan, including Shiojiri in Nagano Prefecture, Komatsu in Ishikawa Prefecture, Sado in Niigata Prefecture and Narita International Airport in Chiba Prefecture. Leveraging profound insights from certification processes and PoC tests, TIER IV will pursue Level 4 certification for roads used by pedestrians and vehicles, and facilitate nationwide commercialization of these services.

TIER IV is poised to steer the adoption of AD services across Japan by combining fanfare and L4 RIDE, and harnessing the extensive experience gained from successful Level 4 certification and PoC tests.


TIER IV, the pioneering force behind the first open-source autonomous driving software Autoware, offers a range of advanced AD products and solutions, encompassing both software and hardware across multiple platforms. The company is steering the development of safe and efficient autonomous driving technology, aiming to reimagine intelligent vehicles through the art of open source. A founding member of the Autoware Foundation, TIER IV conducts cutting-edge research and development in collaboration with partners worldwide, harnessing Autoware to accelerate the rollout of autonomous vehicles that will benefit society as a whole.

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