Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Title: Velo Labs’ Orbit Partners with leading POS Networks to Enable Crypto Payments for Over 100,000 Merchants

BANGKOK, Feb. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Velo Labs is excited to announce landmark partnerships between its Orbit crypto merchant network and leading Point-of-Sales (POS) networks and plans to achieve 500,000 users in Orbit by the end of the year — marking a significant leap towards the integration of cryptocurrency in everyday transactions.

This partnership mirrors the convenience of traditional payment giants like Visa and Mastercard but innovates by enabling payments through QR code scans, allowing customers to use cryptocurrencies instead of swiping a card.

Orbit, a technology developed by Velo Labs, facilitates a seamless crypto transaction experience for merchants and consumers alike. By partnering with POS networks, Orbit is bridging the gap between traditional retail payment systems and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency, offering a versatile and secure payment solution comparable to the convenience of Visa and Mastercard.

Through this partnership, merchants connected to these POS networks will gain access to Orbit’s crypto payment processing capabilities. This allows for a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies to be accepted at points of sale and instantly converted to fiat currency to ensure merchants receive payments in a stable and familiar form. This dual functionality not only opens new revenue streams for businesses but also caters to the increasing consumer demand for flexible digital payment options.

At the core of this initiative is Orbit’s advanced technology platform, which integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems, enabling quick and secure QR code-based crypto transactions. This innovative approach ensures that both merchants and customers enjoy a smooth and efficient payment process, mirroring the ease of use associated with traditional payment methods while leveraging the unique benefits of blockchain technology.

This partnership exemplifies Velo Labs’ commitment to expanding financial inclusivity and innovation. By connecting Orbit’s crypto merchant network with traditional retail POS systems, Velo Labs is not just facilitating another payment method but is actively participating in the evolution of global financial services, making digital currencies an integral part of daily commerce.

Velo Labs’ initiative is a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive financial ecosystem. By enabling crypto payments, Velo Labs is not only expanding the utility of cryptocurrencies but also providing merchants and consumers with more choices and flexibility in how they transact.

Looking ahead, Velo Labs and Orbit are committed to expanding their network of partnerships, aiming to include more merchants and POS providers. This will further enhance the accessibility of crypto payments in retail and solidify Velo Labs’ position as a leader in the convergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional financial ecosystems.

About Velo Labs

Velo Labs is a global pioneer in Web3-based financial solutions, offering a cutting-edge liquidity and settlement network for secure, efficient value transfers. Backed by Stellar Network and CP Group, our reach has expanded beyond Southeast Asia and the Pacific, now serving partners worldwide. We connect and complement the gap between traditional banking infrastructure and Web3, leading the way in blockchain mass adoption. Our extensive Web3-based payment network and Lightnet, our licensed settlement partner, position us as a global heavyweight. Velo Labs offers a diverse range of Web3-based products, notably Orbit, tailored for individuals, merchants, corporations, and enterprises worldwide — dedicated to empowering global financial connectivity and expanding accessibility globally.

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