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Vectra AI Launches the Industry’s First Global, 24×7 Open MXDR Service Built to Defend Against Hybrid Attacks

New offering removes latency, maximizes security team talent, and reduces exposure while improving security posture across organisations

SINGAPORE, Feb. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Vectra AI, Inc., the leader in hybrid attack detection, investigation and response, today announced the launch of Vectra MXDR (Managed Extended Detection and Response) services, the industry’s first global, 24×7 open MXDR service built to defend against hybrid attacks. This comprehensive offering eliminates silos to provide hybrid attack surface visibility across identity, public cloud, SaaS, data center and cloud networks and endpoints via integrations with leading EDR vendors.

The shift to hybrid and multi-cloud environments means all enterprises are now hybrid enterprises and all modern attacks are hybrid attacks. This has rendered legacy threat detection and response solutions ineffective at defending against the new threat landscape, heightening the need for threat detection coverage across the expanding hybrid attack surface. However, deploying various detection solutions has led to siloed tools and rule sprawl, causing an unmanageable alert volume for SOC leaders. Recent research indicates SOC teams are spending nearly four hours daily on manual alert triage. This influx has resulted in excessive workload, burnout, and high turnover among SOC analysts. As teams grapple with this, attackers continue to exploit complexity, latency, and noise to move laterally, progress attacks, and exfiltrate data undetected. SOC teams need accurate signal at speed and scale to stop modern hybrid attacks from becoming breaches.

With Vectra MXDR, enterprises can consolidate every aspect of threat detection and response in one unified service, eliminating the need for multiple providers. Integrations with the industry’s leading EDR platforms, including Crowdstrike, SentinelOne and Microsoft Defender, enable Vectra AI’s MXDR analysts to monitor the health of an entire security system and take direct action no matter where the signal comes from.

“With cyber attacks growing in frequency and sophistication, it’s increasingly important to make sure security controls are being optimised 24/7/365 in order to stay ahead of advanced hybrid attackers,” said David Sajoto, Regional Vice President, APJ. “The Vectra AI Platform is now delivered as a full XDR solution across all hybrid attack surfaces with rich integrated signal from Vectra Attack Signal Intelligence. Combined with MXDR analysts, Vectra MXDR delivers a cohesive and robust security solution for any organisation to move at the speed and scale of today’s hybrid attacks – adding further support to SOC teams with round-the-clock outcomes.”

Vectra MXDR arms SOC leaders, security analysts and architects with complete coverage, clarity and control across the entire hybrid attack surface. Benefits include:

  • AI-Driven Attack Signal Intelligence – Powered by Vectra AI’s patented Attack Signal Intelligence, Vectra MXDR analysts leverage AI and machine learning to learn customers’ unique environments and focus on attacker behaviour to distinguish between malicious and benign events. This enables analysts to identify the most urgent attacks to prioritize for customers in real-time.
  • 24x7x365 experts in hybrid attack defense – Vectra’s MXDR specialists are experts in hybrid attack and apply their experience and knowledge to defending against hybrid attacks for round-the-clock global defense.
  • Full end-to-end coverage – Vectra MXDR handles every aspect of detection and response in one unified service, eliminating the need for multiple service providers and multiple panes of glass.
  • Remote response and remediation – Enterprises can isolate, contain and mitigate hybrid attacks with manual or automated response actions to minimize damage and maintain business continuity.
  • Adaptability based on customer needs – With a flexible operational model, Vectra MXDR can be tailored to meet organisations specific business needs, ensuring a personalized security strategy through a variety of defensive models.
  • Managed security policy configuration – Vectra’s industry experts build and strengthen enterprises security system’s policy configuration whether on the Vectra AI Platform or EDR, proactively securing and defending them against threats.

“The reality is enterprises need a combination of endpoint protection solution and network security tools to safeguard against hybrid attacks,” said Gary Ruiz, VP, WW Professional Services at Vectra AI. “Our approach to XDR is unique because not only are we integrating these technologies into one offering but we’re using our AI-driven signal to gather insights across the entire hybrid attack surface to find the real attacks. By adding the services component with Vectra MXDR, we’re introducing that human element to the process to help customers implement and manage this integrated approach. Our experts are monitoring around the clock and helping customers deal with incidents by responding and remediating them on their behalf, which significantly reduces workloads for SOC teams. It really allows us to be a lot more effective for our customers.” 

Vectra MXDR is available now to current customers. 

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Vectra AI, Inc. is the leader in hybrid attack detection, investigation and response. The Vectra AI Platform delivers integrated signal across public cloud, SaaS, identity, and data center networks in a single platform. Vectra AI’s patented Attack Signal Intelligence empowers security teams to rapidly detect, prioritize, investigate and stop the most advanced hybrid cyber-attacks. With 35 patents in AI-driven detection and the most vendor references in MITRE D3FEND, organizations worldwide rely on the Vectra AI Platform and MDR services to move at the speed and scale of hybrid attackers. For more information, visit