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World’s Largest Crypto Broker, BitKan & Top Exchange Partnered For $100,000 Futures Carnival

SINGAPORE, Feb. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BitKan, the world’s largest crypto broker, proudly announces the launch of a new Futures Trading Carnival with a mega prize pool of USD $100,000 including rewards such as a brand new iPhone 15, iPad Pro, and more. Event participants who have yet to launch a Binance Futures on BitKan are eligible to receive complimentary Binance Futures Trial Vouchers provided by BitKan to experience their first Binance Futures Trade. Furthermore, all profits made from the Binance Futures Trial Vouchers during the event period are also withdrawable.

Founded in 2012, BitKan has been operating for more than 12 years now. Throughout this period, the company has consistently aligned itself to address the evolving needs of the cryptocurrency industry. BitKan has evolved from a crypto data aggregation platform to becoming the world’s largest crypto broker, drawing on liquidity from the largest crypto exchanges such as Binance to cater to users.

BitKan users worldwide can benefit from trading at some of the industry’s lowest prices and explore a broad range of trading pairs and leverage to seize trading opportunities. The launch of the Futures Trading Carnival celebrates the prowess of crypto traders and aims to propel cryptocurrency adoption by making trading more accessible and user-friendly, particularly in the dynamic world of crypto futures. New BitKan users get to receive a Binance Futures Trial Voucher provided by BitKan, and all participants are eligible to win additional rewards, including Futures Trading Leaderboard Rewards and Lucky Draw Spin-The-Wheel prizes.

As an industry leader, BitKan is committed to spearheading positive change and setting new benchmarks in the crypto space. By providing products including Spot Trading, Futures Trading, and Automated Bot Trading, BitKan remains steadfast in its mission to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, ensuring that users around the globe can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets.

About BitKan

Trusted since 2012, the world’s largest crypto broker, BitKan aggregates the coin offerings from 8 of its partner exchanges such as Binance, allowing users to trade seamlessly across multiple exchanges on one BitKan trading platform. BitKan serves as a fast and convenient gateway to exchanges such as Binance through their Binance Link Program. For more information, please visit: