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XCMG Machinery Ships Over 1,000 Excavators to Key Markets in Europe, North America and Australia

Extensive range from compact to large models meets diverse construction needs across continents

XUZHOU, China, Feb. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On February 18, a consignment of over 1,000 excavators from XCMG Machinery (SHE: 000425, “XCMG”), featuring a wide array of top-selling models from compact to medium and large-sized units, departed from Xuzhou, China, bound for high-end markets across Europe, North America, and Oceania. Destinations included the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Turkey, and Australia.

XCMG Machinery Ships Over 1,000 Excavators to Key Markets in Europe, North America and Australia.
XCMG Machinery Ships Over 1,000 Excavators to Key Markets in Europe, North America and Australia.

The excavators being shipped this time has been fully customized to meet the customers’ needs in various aspects such as driving experience, handling feel, and operational performance. The XCMG excavator R&D team conducted in-depth frontline research, based on differentiated market needs, to drive product iteration and upgrades.

The recently launched XE225U medium excavator, tailored for the U.S. market, features a sophisticated electronically controlled positive-flow hydraulic operating system. This system is designed to meet the requirements of multifunctional equipment. The model also comes with a larger cab and air suspension seats, which significantly reduce operator fatigue during extended construction operations. These upgrades significantly enhance the product’s functionality and comfort, setting a new standard in the market.

” XCMG Excavator has always been market-focused, giving priority to improving crucial customer performance metrics like product reliability and handling,” said Song Zhike, VP of XCMG and MD of XCMG Excavator Business Unit. “We have conducted technological research specific to different regional application scenarios and typical work conditions to better meet the worldwide need for excavation machinery.”

Serving industrial users throughout North America, Europe, and Australia, XCMG Excavator has developed a powerful trifecta of technology, marketing, and service. XCMG Excavator provides unparalleled technical support, extensive operator training programs, and reliable parts services. The company’s timely response to and fulfillment of customer needs has garnered it recognition from a growing number of overseas clients, further solidifying its position in the global marketplace.

A client serving the North American market shared, ” XCMG excavators stand out for their robust digging power and agile maneuverability, which streamline our earth moving operations and boost overall construction efficiency. Their service team is top-notch—professional and responsive. We find XCMG excavators to be reliable partners in our projects.”

In recent years, XCMG has concentrated its efforts on established international markets. During this time, it developed and implemented cutting-edge technologies that are intelligent, environmentally friendly, and digitally integrated, addressing critical aspects of modern engineering equipment. The company has launched over a hundred types of excavators, cranes, aerial working platforms, mining equipment and road machines, aimed at markets in Europe, North America, and Australia. Offering high-end, customized solutions, XCMG has addressed the unique demands of its global customers, demonstrating its dedication to technological advancement and environmental responsibility.