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YOFC Unveils Cutting-edge Innovations at 2024 MWC Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC), a leader in the global optical fibre and cable market, showcased a suite of advanced products and solutions at the 2024 Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC Barcelona). Under the theme “Connecting the Future with Fibre”, YOFC showcased its advancements across five key areas: Move Toward 5G Advanced, New Hub of Green Computing, New Value of Digital Energy, New Experience of Digital Life, and Bridge the Digital Gap.

Move Toward 5G Advanced

With the advent of 5G technology, industries worldwide have embarked on a new journey of digital transformation, unlocking a host of new applications and scenarios that demand enhanced network capabilities. The shift has prompted the rise of the 5.5G concept. In this context, optical fibre, by serving as the essential channel for information transmission, forms the backbone of ubiquitous interconnectivity in the 5.5G era. During the exhibition, YOFC showcased its latest optical fibre innovations:

  • FarBand® Ultra G.654.E Fibre: Known for its exceptionally low attenuation, enhancing long-distance communication capabilities.
  • EasyBand Fibre: Features a minimized external diameter, optimizing installation efficiency.
  • GenBand Fibre: A versatile solution catering to a wide array of network demands.
  • OM4/OM4+ Ultra Bending Insensitive Multimode Fibre: Providing high data transmission rates even in challenging environments.
  • Specialty Communication Fibre: Tailored for specific industrial applications, ensuring reliability and performance.

Moreover, to address the demands of the burgeoning digital economy and the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), YOFC has proactively been engaged in the research and development of next-generation optical fibres, aiming to secure a leading position both domestically and internationally. At the exhibition, YOFC’s next-generation optical fibre products, with space division multiplexing (SDM) fibres and hollow-core optical fibres serving as prime examples, captured the attention of numerous industry insiders.

New Hub of Green Computing

At this year’s MWC, data centers — the vital engines of the digital age, responsible for storing our world’s ever-expanding pool of information — were in the spotlight. During the event, YOFC presented its latest innovation: the iCONEC green data center cabling solution, designed to not only expand the bandwidth and spatial efficiency of data centers but also to significantly extend their operational lifespan, cut down on carbon emissions, and streamline costs in the process.

Furthermore, YOFC unveiled a holistic optical module solution for computational networks of AI-powered data centers. Progressing beyond the traditional III-V technology, YOFC introduced its next-generation 400G/800G optical module solution, leveraging silicon photonics technology. The breakthrough promises to slash optical module energy consumption by about 20%, heralding a new chapter in the pursuit of more environmentally friendly data centers.

New Value of Digital Energy

Digital innovation is reinvigorating the energy sector, transforming everything from electric grids to maritime infrastructure. YOFC has taken center stage in this revolution, introducing a wealth of products and services that promise to redefine digital energy infrastructure.

In the electric power arena, Ultra High Voltage (UHV) transmission is the most advanced power transmission technology globally. YOFC provides a comprehensive array of digital power solutions for UHV DC transmission systems, including the G654E fibre, the ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) and OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) cables, high-voltage flame-retardant cables, power connectors, and optical device units. Additionally, YOFC provides professional construction guidance services to ensure the security and reliability of UHV systems.

Within the maritime sector, YOFC is pioneering developments across the entire marine engineering value chain. Its arsenal includes submarine fibre optic and power cables, alongside a suite of related solutions and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services. These offerings cater to a broad spectrum of applications from facilitating offshore wind power transmission and servicing offshore oil platforms, to enabling transoceanic communications and establishing submarine observation networks. YOFC’s strategic investments in large-scale offshore wind power equipment underscore its commitment to securing a competitive position in marine engineering.

New Experience of Digital Life

In an era where seamless digital connectivity is paramount, YOFC is making strides in eliminating the notorious ‘last mile’ bottleneck in mobile communications. The effort is poised to enrich the digital lives of users by offering comprehensive all-optical connectivity solutions.

Focusing on the needs of modern rail transit, YOFC has rolled out specialized solutions that cater to the varied frequency requirements of different wireless communication systems. With its pioneering leaky coaxial cables and accessories, the company is ensuring that passengers on rail platforms and tunnels enjoy dual gigabit internet speeds, a crucial component of today’s mobile-first lifestyle.

In the domain of optical network cabling, YOFC’s next-generation F.ODN pre-connection solution cuts installation time by 80% over traditional methods, empowering customers to rapidly and efficiently deploy premium networks. Additionally, YOFC’s roll out of the FTTR (Fibre to The Room) invisible cable wiring solution is quickly being adopted by operators, who see its value in blending reduced installation complexity with minimal aesthetic disruption.

Moreover, YOFC’s presentation of its leading-edge active optical cables for the smart audio and video industry, incorporating the proprietary BendRobust® bend-resistant fibre, has garnered significant interest. These products stand out for their exceptional flexibility and superior data transmission capabilities, marking a significant step forward in the evolution of smart home and multimedia technologies.

Bridge the Digital Gap

Since 2014, YOFC has embarked on an ambitious mission to bring optical fibre connectivity to the most remote corners of the planet. With production sites in Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, and Poland, YOFC has been at the forefront of international efforts to connect underserved communities, from the lush jungles of the Philippines to the sprawling urban mazes of Peru and Indonesia. Whether it’s bridging vast oceans, climbing steep mountains, or navigating the complexities of urban slums, YOFC has been there, driven by the belief that everyone deserves a connection.