Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Electrifying Milestone for Molicel: Stark Future Makes History as First Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Winning Over Combustion in Motocross Track Racing Championship

  • Stark Future won the Arenacross Manufacturers and first place in 2024 The British Arenacross Championship, it is the first electric bike to win over ICE bikes in history.
  • Stark Future’s VARG is powered by Molicel INR-21700-P45B.
  • The World’s fastest Motocross Bike is now electric. Stark Future and Molicel both commit to keep dedicating themselves to motocross racing.

LONDON, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a groundbreaking turn of events, at the 2024  British Arenacross Championship, Stark Future has rewritten the narrative of track racing championships. For the first time in history, an electric vehicle, powered by Molicel’s cutting-edge ultra-high-power battery technology has outperformed its combustion counterparts, marking a historic moment in the evolution of motorsports.

Arenacross, a captivating blend of indoor Motocross with technical and compact track racing, provided the backdrop for Stark Future’s remarkable journey to success. Holding a steady lead, Jack Brunell surged ahead of the competition, boasting a remarkable 34-point gap over the runner-up—a striking improvement from the mere 86-point score of the 2023 championship winner. Underscoring Stark Future’s substantial progress in the sport.

Jack Brunell, Justin Bogle, injured Eddie Wade, and replacement rider Yannis Irsuti, were the driving forces behind the team’s triumph. Their outstanding performance solidified Stark Future’s prowess in the dynamic arena of indoor motocross.

It’s a pivotal moment for Stark Future. Winning the Arenacross Manufacturers and 1st place titles not only demonstrates the bikes ability but also sets a new standard in the motocross sport.

“The transition to electric has been nothing short of revolutionary, both in adapting to the bike and its effectiveness on track” says Jack Brunell. “With Molicel we’ve unlocked a new level of performance and efficiency that has reshaped the competitive landscape.”

“This victory is not just a win for Stark Future—it’s a win for electric vehicles everywhere,” states Anton Wass, CEO & Founder of Stark Future. “We hope that this demonstrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and redefining what’s achievable in motorsports when you have the right partners, such as, Molicel. Their cutting-edge technology has been instrumental in our success, and together, we’ve proven that electric vehicles can dominate the track.”

“We like to congratulate Stark Future team’s first win; their bike sets a high bar not only for electric motocross bikes’ performance but more importantly showing the world the endurance capability for peak power and safety offered by Molicel’s ultra-high-power battery technology had progressed to a whole new level. We believe we will witness more of their wins all year round”, said Casey Shiue, President of Molicel.

Switching from a conventional 4-stroke to an electric bike powered by Molicel’s groundbreaking INR-21700-P45B battery cells enhances the overall riding experience. The seamless throttle control, coupled with the absence of gear changes, ensures a race experience that feels familiar and allows for precise power application based on available traction, resulting in smoother performance on the track.

At the core of Stark Future’s electric dominance lies the INR-21700-P45B, boasting unparalleled capacity and power specifications. With a 4.5Ah 21700 form factor, it embodies Molicel’s finest power-to-energy ratio, showcasing a high energy density of 240Wh/kg. Its ultra-fast 3C C-rate facilitates rapid charging at full state of charge, while a maximum internal resistance of 13.8mOhm delivers remarkable speed and power. These attributes prove especially advantageous in motorsports like MotoE, enhancing performance from the initial lap and sustaining it until the very last.

Despite being limited to 60 horsepower in the 450cc category, the VARG showcases unparalleled performance, surpassing its combustion counterparts in the 450cc racing category. These distinct advantages firmly position the electric motorcycle as a formidable contender against traditional internal combustion machinery. This achievement is further amplified by incorporating key technologies from Stark Future, such as full adjustability of the bike’s power and regenerative braking, solidifying its dominance on the track.

As the demand for electric motocross surges, Molicel’s INR-21700-P45B has already made waves in the automotive market, featuring in production cars from leading manufacturers worldwide. The technology’s application in the motocross industry has propelled Stark Future and Molicel to the forefront of innovation.

The VARG, powered by Molicel has already received over 18,500 preorders and continues to grow.

“The World’s Fastest Motocross Bike is now electric. Stark Future indeed belongs to racing in the motocross market.” declared the team, solidifying their commitment to shaping the future of motocross.